2016 presidential race

Rick Perry rides again?

Erick Erickson, Erickontheradio.com

A new Super PAC has formed to get Rick Perry back in the race.I think Perry, if he were to play it right, might find an electorate tired and looking. But the premise behind the Super PAC is a brokered convention. That’s not going to happen. Everyone talks about brokered conventions, but they are largely a thing of past.

Just Be Yourself Mr. Trump

While Jeb Bush is cramming for this week's GOP presidential candidates debate Donald Trump doesn’t have to. He’s at the top of the national polls not because he managed to memorize a bunch of poll-tested lines fed to him by rented “friends,” consultants and advisers, but because he’s speaking for millions of country class Americans who are fed-up with government by the political class, of the political class and for the political class.

Wealthy GOP Donors Giving Up on Christie?

Allahpundit, Hot Air

“The idea that he’s the prohibitive front-runner is over,” says a Republican strategist. Among the party’s money men, the reaction to the scandal that has rocked Trenton for the past week is divided.

Repub Donor Class Is Clueless

Rush Limbaugh, RushLimbaugh.com

The Repub. rich business donor class seeks to unseat every Tea Party member of Congress so as to empower the estab. GOP majority so that there will be no opposition to, say, amnesty. And Dems won't accept a Repub president.

"Bomb Obamacare" Rockets Palin to #1 Again

Palin is popular with the grassroots in large measure because she defies the pseudo-intellectual conventions of inside-the-Beltway political conversation – or what most people outside-the-Beltway call double talk or B.S.

Why RPaul and Christie Went to War

Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman, Politico

The tiff revealed party divisions and how each man had placed starkly different bets on the GOP's future.

Meet Scott Walker, Sleeper Candidate

Beth Reinhard, National Journal

The Wisconsin governor is a conservative from a blue state with Tea Party popularity on his side.