2018 midterm elections

OK, Now That Kavanaugh Has Been Confirmed…

Conservatives have a two-step process to achieve a conservative Congress: First, keep the House and expand our numbers in the Senate. Second, put pressure on the Republican House majority to elect Jim Jordan Speaker to keep their promises on the Trump agenda going into 2020.

Forget The GOP: It’s Up To Conservatives To Nationalize The 2018 Midterm Election

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
As I see it, 2018 will likely be another Republican wipeout, like 2006, unless we conservatives nationalize the election by getting voters refocused on big conservative issues; building the wall, limiting immigration, religious liberty, rebuilding our national defense, reducing job-killing regulations, and getting tough on crime and illegal border crossing.

Richard Viguerie on the 2018 Congressional Midterms: ‘It Does Not Look Good for Conservatives’

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

“We’ve got to recognize there’s a wave coming that’s going to wipe out a lot of conservatives if we continue operating as we have been for the last year. We need to make major changes, and they’re within our control. We can nationalize the election. We can all play a role, whether it’s at the national level, the local level, or the state level,” Viguerie concludes.

Democrats ought to worry about the midterm elections

Jen Kerns, Fox News

When you combine the latest generic ballot developments with the Democrats’ botched post-2016 autopsy report – through which they revealed they have no message, confusing leadership, and no new ideas – any significant victory for Democrats in the midterms will be a very difficult task.