2018 Midterms

It’s gonna be Trump vs the looney left in November

John Fund, Fox News

The primary season for Campaign 2018 is now nearing a close. In most of the key races in the November midterm elections, voters will be given a clear choice between a candidate favorable to President Trump’s policies and someone who wants to upend them. Unlike many previous midterm elections, this November will truly represent a choice and not an echo.

The hidden Trump voters that may save him and the GOP in November

Monica Crowley, The Hill

The approval and optimism of the key blue-collar voting bloc — combined with rising approval numbers from other traditionally Democratic constituencies such as African-Americans, Hispanics and young people, who also are enjoying historically low unemployment rates — is an encroaching existential threat to the left. The dramatic realignment Trump led in 2016 is still underway, roiling expectations and defying prediction.

Conservative Confusion About Who and What We’re Fighting

David Catron, The American Spectator

The razor-thin majority by which Balderson won is the result of absent suburban voters who have forgotten that, after 2006, the Democrats nearly destroyed the U.S. economy and set the stage for the Obama era with all its trademark criminality. The Democrats are crooks and liars. Even worse, they are incompetent. If they are allowed to get their tentacles on the levers of power again, they will ruin everything they touch, and it will probably require more than mere votes to get rid of them next time. Conservatives can save the republic from all this by showing up for the midterms.

Ohio Squeaker Shows GOP Has A Lot To Learn About Winning

Henry Olsen, American Greatness

The political challenges Republicans face are the same as those faced in almost every developed country. Smart conservative parties and leaders everywhere are trying to surf these waves and include disaffected blue-collar workers in their coalitions even if it means they lose some of their traditional support. Republicans barely dodged a bullet in yesterday’s special election. Time then to load their own weapons, shoot wisely, and fight to win.

In political season, Democrats wonder, 'Where's Obama?'

Byron York, Washington Examiner

For Democrats, Obama, who isn't running for anything, could be as close to a leader as an out-of-power party can have until the Democrats' next presidential nominee comes along. But he's just not taking the job. Obama could travel the country raising millions and millions of dollars for Democratic candidates. For that job, the only thing better than an ex-president is a sitting president, and Democrats don't have one of those now.

The DNC limps towards a laughable midterms slogan

Roger Kimball, The Spectator

It’s “For the People.” Yep, the party that has spent a decade and more coddling Washington elites and ignoring the heartland as a bastion of “irredeemable deplorables,” the party that has destroyed black inner cities across the country by a making their inhabitants wards of the state: here they are with “for the people.”  “House Democrats,” Politico says, “plan to begin working ‘For the People’ into their statements and press conferences.”

Court Decisions Provide GOP With Midterm Rallying Cry

Caitlin Huey-Burns, Real Clear Politics

The high court's ruling upholding the travel ban, along with another equally narrow decision overturning a California law requiring crisis pregnancy centers to provide patients with abortion literature, underscored the consequences of elections. And given recent voting patterns, Republicans feel they’ve been given a rallying cry for the November elections. Tuesday’s focus on the Supreme Court also highlighted for voters the large number of federal judge vacancies, and the impact party control of the presidency and Congress can have on lower courts across the country.

Obnoxious Liberal Overreach on Guns Gives Us a Shot at Victory in November

Kurt Schlicter, Townhall

Take notice, GOPe: If you want to keep your jobs, you need to stop going on vacation and perform. We have the Congress. We can keep it if we push. If we lose it, the really, really ugly trend toward really, really bad things in the future will accelerate. If we lose the Congress next November, it won’t be because we Normals are unmotivated. It will be because the establishment brought a balloon animal to a gunfight.