2020 Democrat primaries

Terrified of Sanders, Democratic leaders look for King Solomon to split the baby

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

The rise of Bernie Sanders is so much more of an existential threat to them than even losing an election to a Republican — even Donald Trump. The rise of Bernie Sanders means they lose control of the Democratic Party. They would literally prefer to lose an election than to lose their grip on the party. Standing before King Solomon, they would be the ones happily agreeing to his proposal to split the baby. After all, for them, killing a baby is no big deal. So long as they keep their grip on power. But there is hope for Democrats. There are real signs emerging that while Mr. Sanders is racking up the wins now, it might not be enough to carry him into victory next fall.

Do Democratic-Primary Voters Have the Answer to Trump?

John Fund, National Review

Each of the three leading candidates in Iowa are bunched at the top for a reason. Their supporters all believe that their man has the best chance of beating Donald Trump. Joe Biden’s fans see him as an experienced, safe choice. Bernie Sanders’s backers say that only the candidate with the sharpest possible contrast on the issues with President Trump will drive the voter turnout needed to beat the president. Pete Buttigieg’s supporters say the country is looking for a “fresh face,” someone who has no history of Beltway machinations. The 37-year-old Buttigieg certainly provides that; he is half the age of President Trump. Donald Trump so far appears to be blessed with luck in who he has as opponents.

Is Biden The Real Target Of The Ukraine Scandal?

In interviews The Daily Beast conducted with multiple progressive Democrats and Warren supporters, their chief advice to Warren was don’t rush to Biden’s defense against Trump. In other words, they’re hoping Trump and the Ukraine scandal take out Biden, but they don't want to get caught cheering Sleepy Joe's demise.