2020 Democrats

To Beat Trump, 2020 Democrats Will Need to Convince Voters They Can Be Trusted with the Economy

Michael Tanner, National Review

A combination of deregulation, loose monetary policy, and even looser fiscal policy has sustained and strengthened a long-running recovery. Most opinion about the president is already set in concrete. Neither his base nor the Democrats’ is going to be moved by the fluctuations of economic reporting. Perhaps that is why polls show only a weak correlation between voters’ positive feelings about the economy and their approval of Trump. All of which means that if Democrats hope to win this fall, they will have to find a way to reassure voters that they don’t intend to upend the economic gains won on Trump’s watch. And the debate did not provide any evidence that they’re yet up to the task.

Mayor Pete’s African American Problem

Buttigieg’s African American problem was driven home a couple of days ago by the stark numbers coming out of a Washington Post/Ipsos poll: While 48% of black voters polled backed Joe Biden, only 2% of black Democratic-leaning voters backed the former South Bend Mayor.

The Mythology of Biden as a Moderate

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Biden is more like the entitled pol who hits on women before he hits Mass, using his religion as a mascot while betraying its most fundamental teachings. Like John Kerry whose checkered Catholicism cost him the Catholic vote, Biden’s phony faith is more of a liability than an asset. He is no great gift to America and a moral authority for the world. It is just one more reminder that he is an out-of-touch elitist panting after the trends of the moment. He's an admitted plagiarist who supports partial-birth abortion and once told China that he “fully understands” its policy of killing children who exceed its eugenic quotas. Biden’s blarney has no bottom to it, starting with the fiction that he remains moderate Joe.

The more voters see of Elizabeth Warren, the less they like her

Michael Graham, The Washington Times

It’s awfully easy to find someone you like more than Liz Warren. Ms. Warren has plenty of money, a fawning media and a Democratic primary electorate pumped up about nominating a woman to take on President Trump. And yet she’s quickly fading into a 2020 afterthought. Why? We live in a moment when authenticity is prized more than perhaps any time in modern political memory. And if the Society of Inauthentic Politics held a meeting today, Liz Warren would be declared their president for life. The old adage among political consultants is “It’s all about authenticity — once you can fake that, you’ve got it made.” Alas, the only thing Liz Warren can fake is, well, you know …

Vote For Me You Lying Racist!

David Catron, The American Spectator

Democrats candidates are following Clinton’s deplorable example. America didn’t fail Kamala Harris. She was rejected by Democratic donors and prospective voters who aren’t likely to thank her for implying that they are racist, sexist troglodytes. Nor will they thank Pete Buttigieg when he drops out and blames his loss on homophobia. And, if Joe Biden actually gets within groping range of the Democratic nomination, he should avoid blaming his ultimate rejection on the electorate. Indeed, he would be wise to consider this: Donald Trump is by no means above hurling insults at Democrats, journalists, bureaucrats, socialists, ad infinitum. Yet he has never been dumb enough to insult the customer.

Why Bother To Have Another Presidential Election?

Professor Jonathan Turley was right, if a President can be impeached because a majority of the House does not agree with his policies, doesn’t like his style, or simply hates him for defeating their preferred candidate then why have another presidential election? Why not just let 218 Members of the House choose the President?

Hillary Still Contemplating Presidential Run – Hilarity Ensues

When British talk show host Graham Norton asked Hillary Clinton, “Are you saying, ‘Forget Me’ now?” “Not yet,” Clinton answered. “I’ve been deluged in the last few weeks with thinking about doing that.” A last minute Hillary Clinton run would throw the Democratic Party into chaos, but it has also thrown the social media sphere into new heights of hilarity.

Bloomberg Is No ‘Moderate’ On Abortion, Religious Liberty And Guns

We urge our conservative friends to keep an eye open for Bloomberg appearances, especially in the early Democrat primary states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and to make a point of reminding voters that on guns, religious liberty and abortion Michael Bloomberg is not a “moderate” but an existential threat to constitutional liberty.

Conservatives Say No FISA Renewal Without Answers

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Representative and Senators (the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044), tell your Representative and Senators that no provision of FISA should be renewed until the public has answers to the questions about how FISA was used to spy on Donald Trump and who in the Obama administration directed and implemented that anti-constitutional spying.

The Democrat Debate Drones

Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator

These band of misfits form the best and brightest of the Democrat party. It’s difficult to imagine who would be better. Then the media talking heads get up there afterwards and talk about how great it is and I wonder if they saw what I saw. I was begging for mercy by the end. Forget water-boarding, make uncooperative criminals watch Democrat debates on repeat. Terrorism would be a thing of the past. This is probably why the Dems are so hysterical about the impeachment stuff. Their candidates are hideous and they’ve painted themselves into a corner. The Anti-Trump brigade are no better. Don’t fret Grumps (my new name for the Group of anti-Trumps), impeachment is happening no matter how empty the charade.

Will Democrats in 2020 Again ‘Fall in Love’?

Mark Shields, The American Spectator

Democrats have been far less predictable and, seemingly, more emotional in selecting their presidential standard-bearers. While Republican voters, until quite recently, have predictably “fallen in line” by promoting the most recent runner-up, Democrats instead seem to want to “fall in love.” Democrats have a marked preference for the “new face” over those who have run before. Examples of this pattern include Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Michael Dukakis, and George McGovern — all of whom were nominated as first-time candidates. The leading 2020 Democratic “fall in love” candidates, as of this writing, would appear to be Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

No, Michael Bloomberg will not save the Democrats

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Bloomberg’s move is a symptom of Democratic anxiety. We’ve seen it before, in both parties. At the beginning of a primary season, with a big field of candidates starting the race, the party faithful say, “Isn’t this great? We have so many good candidates — almost an embarrassment of riches!” Then, after several months of campaigning, they say, “Can’t somebody enter this race and save us?” The answer is no. The Democratic field is what it is. One of the candidates in the race right now will win the nomination, go on to face Trump, and have a chance to become the next president. There’s no savior waiting to rescue Democrats, and that includes Michael Bloomberg.

Elizabeth Warren’s Search For A Personality

Given that the personalities of an oppressed Native American and Scold-In-Chief didn’t work too well with voters, and despite its Communist associations, it looks like Frances Perkins’ 120-year old persona may not be woke enough on the ERA, we presume Senator Warren’s team will continue its search for a suitable new personality for the Senator.

CNN Cements Its Bias Reputation at Tuesday's Debate

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

If there is one thing that Tuesday night's Democratic debate showed us—as if we didn't know it in the first place—it's just to what degree the media is in the tank for the Democrats. They're not only in the tank—they built it, filled it with water up to the brim, and would turn up the temperature to boil Donald Trump alive if they could. And maybe they can. You knew this from the outset when CNN's lead moderator Anderson Cooper, along with his compatriots, one from the New York Times, opened the festivities with a round of leading impeachment questions, giving each candidate in turn a chance to outdo each other in bashing Trump.

Killing Biden -- to salvage Obama

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

What is this all about? It is a cover-up, plain and simple. Whom, you ask, are they trying to cover for? Their next political savior who can take down Mr. Trump? Certainly not former Vice President Joseph R. Biden. If anything, Mr. Biden has been set ablaze atop the altar as a sacrifice in this massive international cover-up by Democrats. The sleaze and dishonesty and self-dealing that oozes from the Biden name these days will leave a permanent stain on his nearly half-century political career. Do you think Republicans might like to question Mr. Brennan or Mr. Clapper under oath? Of course they would. But Mrs. Pelosi will never let them get that close to Mr. Obama.

Dem Front Runner Warren Agrees With Trump On Trade And Middle East Wars

One of the more bizarre elements of last night’s Democratic presidential “debate” was how much the leading Democrat – Senator Elizabeth Warren – agrees with President Trump, especially on endless Middle East wars and the effects of trade on American workers.

When Will The Media Ask Democrats The Hard Questions About Gun Control?

Last night’s Democrat “debate” moderators failed to ask the candidates the really tough questions on guns. The “debate” turned out to be more of an opportunity for them to show their ignorance of guns and firearms law than it was an event where the pros and cons of the candidates’ differences on policy were presented and discussed.

Whistleblower had 'professional' tie to 2020 Democratic candidate

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Under questioning from Republicans during last Friday's impeachment inquiry interview with Atkinson, the inspector general revealed that the whistleblower's possible bias was not that he was simply a registered Democrat. It was that he had a significant tie to one of the Democratic presidential candidates currently vying to challenge President Trump. Republicans will want to know more about the origins of the whistleblower complaint, especially given the unorthodox use of whistleblower law involved. There is more to learn — like who the Democratic candidate is — before Republicans will say they know enough about what happened.

Is Biden the real target for Ukraine-obsessed Democrats?

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

During the trial of the president, Republicans will target Mr. Biden and his son nonstop. It’s highly unlikely 22 Republicans will join Democrats to vote to convict, but Mr. Biden will be heavily damaged. That may have all been part of Mr. Trump’s master plan. He knew the transcript didn’t show a quid pro quo, and the whistleblower complaint, now also public, doesn’t amount to much, either. And maybe, just maybe, Democrats knew that this scandal would also take out Mr. Biden. If they did, they could well be right. Even better, if Mr. Biden gets crushed in the playout of the Ukraine scandal, they’ll have no blood on their hands.

Is Biden The Real Target Of The Ukraine Scandal?

In interviews The Daily Beast conducted with multiple progressive Democrats and Warren supporters, their chief advice to Warren was don’t rush to Biden’s defense against Trump. In other words, they’re hoping Trump and the Ukraine scandal take out Biden, but they don't want to get caught cheering Sleepy Joe's demise.