2020 Election

Trump needs to articulate a clear second-term agenda

Editors, Washington Examiner

If President Trump wants to convince voters that he deserves a second term, he must spend the remainder of the campaign clearly explaining what he intends to accomplish if he’s granted one. So far, he is not doing so effectively. Trump's defenders may argue that he is pursuing the same political strategy that worked for him four years ago. But there’s a big difference between running as a challenger and running as an incumbent with a record. So far, Trump’s attacks on Biden have fallen flat because Biden is not as viscerally disliked as Clinton. Simply mocking Biden’s many verbal miscues is not going to be enough.

School Board May Be Your Most Important Election

This year school board elections are more important than ever. The first issue many school boards must address this year is whether and how to reopen schools – and make no mistake this decision by a minor elected body will have vast economic and social impact on your community. Then there’s another issue of immediate import your local school board must also address – keeping your local  schools free from Leftwing propaganda in the form of the 1619 Project and the Black Lives Matter at School curricula.

Do This Today! Practical Activism To Get Your Schools Reopened

Most states have not yet come to a decision on reopening schools in the fall and in what capacity they might do so. The Save Our Country Coalition  has developed a “reopen our schools” plan of action that begins with a letter writing campaign addressed to local school board members. We urge CHQ readers and friends to copy this letter or download it through this link and send it to members of your local school board TODAY!

Assault on America, Day 561: Dems can’t steal MAGA, how about MAO (Make America Obama)?

Democrats don’t have an agenda apart from constantly pecking at Trump, pandering to their leftist/racist constituents or proposing the destruction of any remaining vestiges of capitalism in favor of big government boondoggles that will never work. The Green New Deal? Scary. Maybe their new campaign theme should be, “Make America Obama,” a.k.a., MAO.

Can Trump Pull a Truman?

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

A medical, economic and a cultural and social crisis, have hit all at once, raising some fundamental questions. Does America retain the unity, strength and sense of purpose to lead the world? What the Trump folks must do now is to zero in on Biden's vulnerabilities, personal and political. First among these is Biden's transparently diminished verbal and mental capacity. Second, the Biden campaign has embraced an agenda that is, in part, Bernie Sanders-AOC-Black Lives Matter. The Trump folks need to force Biden to come out of his basement and either embrace or renounce the radical elements of his agenda.

Trump Needs to Scale the Real Wall of 2020

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Trump already is starting to do the first thing superbly: stand up for America prior to May 25 (when George Floyd was killed), and tell Americans that in this 244th year of their existence, they will not cowardly renounce their heroes like Washington and Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson was not Jefferson Davis. Second, Trump cannot just talk of his pre-virus administration. Finally, Trump needs to emphasize not just the efficacy of his administration but its effects on real people. Trolls, washed-up celebrities, know-nothing pampered athletes, and hack leftists don’t deserve mention in the campaign’s final 100 days.

Why Has Biden Hired 600 Lawyers?

David Catron, The American Spectator

In 2016, at least six states were decided by less than 1.5 percent of the vote. Any state that goes to Trump by a narrow margin will be pounced upon by Democratic pettifoggers screaming about “voter suppression” and proposing bizarre recount schemes. The good news is that the increasing anger of ordinary Americans over the past four years of Democratic skullduggery will almost certainly result in an electoral backlash resembling Reagan’s 1984 rout of Walter Mondale. Indeed, like Mondale, our erstwhile VP has promised to raise taxes. Trump will trounce Biden so badly that 6,000 lawyers won’t be able to save him.

Democrats beware – Backlash against leftist mob rule growing. Here's what polls show

Liz Peek, Fox News

Joe Biden is running ahead of President Donald Trump today, but two recent polls – from Reuters/Ipsos and Hill-Harris – show the gap narrowing over the last four weeks as a backlash grows against the Leftist mob. Who is surprised? Americans mostly support their cops and want safe streets. They are also proud of their country and disagree with Biden’s assertion that we are a “profoundly racist” nation. Americans recognize our country’s faults but also celebrate her virtues and her history. As Biden caters to the most progressive wing of his party and repudiates America’s greatness, his lead will narrow further.

RED ALERT: The GOP Needs A Voter Fraud Task Force In Every State

State Republican Parties used to conduct regular ballot security operations, but fear of being branded a racist, and in some cases settlements of lawsuits, have now made these a rare occurrence. We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact their state Republican leadership to demand they institute an Election Day ballot integrity operation to ensure that the Democrats’ Election Day chaos strategy does not succeed in negating the legally cast ballots in your state.

Tom DeWeese: Five Tactics for Winning Local Activism

Please, share these very simple winning organizing tactics developed by Tom DeWeese, President of the American Policy Center. Pull together with your friends and neighbors. Don’t be intimidated. The Left is counting on fear and instilling a feeling of helplessness to help defeat us. The Leftist mob is terrified that you will learn these five basic organizing tactics because they know then their game is up!

Assault on America, Day 560: Listless GOP on verge of letting Dems change American history

A loss in November’s election might not spell the conclusion of Donald Trump’s time as president -- he could run again in four years -- but the country will be a very different place in 2024 if Republicans don’t stand up now, support their candidate and enthusiastically champion America’s cause. Democrats never rest; the GOP is too often caught napping.

Why You Should Be Optimistic About Trump Winning

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

As Owen Brennan of ace political shop Madison-McQueen told me when I guest hosted for Hugh Hewitt recently, while the polls about personal preference support Biden, the polls of who people think will win supports Trump in a big way. That’s a screening test for the “Shy Trumpers.” And there is the wisdom of crowds factor – Republicans are largely convinced Trump will win in a walk. Is it scientific? Nope. Is it objective? Nope. But is it correct? Will Trump win? I think so, and I can’t help it. Regardless, we need to play like we’re behind, redouble our efforts, and bring in this win. This is serious stuff.

Ted Cruz: No Bailouts For Minneapolis, Portland and Seattle

The toll-free Capitol switchboard is (1-866-220-0044). We urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Whip John Thune to tell them you support Senator Cruz’s proposed legislation to make local governments liable to private property owners if officials deliberately withhold police protection.

Buy Goya Food Products

Goya Foods CEO Robert Unanue didn't back down when the Leftwing mob tried bullying him for praising President Trump. We urge CHQ readers and friends to give Goya foods a try – if you are unfamiliar with the cuisines of Spain, Latin America and the Philippines this is your incentive to try one of their recipes. Or you can simply join Mr. Unanue in contributing Goya foods to your local food bank – you will be supporting your neighbors and a corporate leader who refuses to be bullied by the Leftwing mob.

Assault on America, Day 559: Robert Redford, Joe Biden & the Way We Were in the DC swamp

Unity is hard to come by in the United States today, and it certainly won’t be realized by electing Grampa Joe Biden to serve as the next president. The former vice president has spent a virtual half-century at the seat of power in the DC swamp and hasn’t accomplished much in his entire life. Where’s the empathy, Joe? Anyone? Anyone?

Mr. President When Your Enemies Are Committing Political Suicide Get Out Of Their Way

By Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Recently, Democrats have been doing a great job of committing political suicide by embracing a host of mean, evil, violent, radical, elitist socialist candidates and causes. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party’s self-immolation, and President Donald Trump’s own stellar speech at Mt. Rushmore and the Independence Day celebration at the White House were drowned out by – you guessed it – Donald Trump.

The Nation is Being Taken Down by Lies, and It’s All the Republicans’ Fault

After two-and-a-half decades of Republican surrender, combined with the basically socialist/communist and corrupt rule of the Democrats for the better part of the 20th century, has brought us here: a populace that can’t tell truth from lies. And the radical segment of that populace is in the streets, brainwashed by the indoctrination factories we call college and to no small degree, by the public school system that led them there.

Assault on America, Day 558: How Kanye West could decide the outcome of the 2020 election

We don’t know if Kanye West was serious about running for president, but it would make for a very odd addition to an election that’s already off the charts strange as it is. Perhaps West could stir Joe Biden into taking positions on issues that concern black voters beyond the typical Democrat race panders. School choice would definitely get Democrats nervous.

Did Your Local Newspaper Call Trump's Mt. Rushmore Speech 'dark and divisive'? Here's One Way To Push Back

If your local newspaper covered the President’s speech at Mt. Rushmore using the words "dark and divisive" they weren’t covering “the news” rather the paper was simply regurgitating Democrat Party talking points pushed out to reporters after every Trump speech. We urge conservatives to set the record straight by sending a letter to the editor defending President Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech. To assist you in that effort, here are some sample paragraphs you might include in your letter.

Assault on America, Day 555: Seeking a cure for America’s addiction to systemic liberalism

There’s little doubt systemic liberalism exists in many parts of America today, particularly in large cities, the logical result of politicians with good intentions but insufficient wisdom to govern effectively. Radical separatist groups such as Black Lives Matter have altered the landscape of American politics -- and voters must wise-up before it’s too late.