2020 Election

Assault on America, Day 399: Magnanimous Trump wows Congress and country with SOTU

Every year the president’s State of the Union Address receives more than its share of commentary from the media and punditry, but Trump’s latest iteration might have more staying power than most. The magnanimous president faced real challenges on Tuesday evening and overcame them all. A very Trumpian performance, indeed.

Let’s All Pray For Rush

Rush Limbaugh has been a special friend to CHQ. At times like this one’s relationship with God comes into sharper focus, and we invite all CHQ readers and friends to join us in praying for Rush Limbaugh’s good health and recovery and for confidence and strength for his family.

He’s Not Even A Good Socialist

The media, being intellectually lazy, if not completely ignorant of the tenets of socialism, has bought Sanders’ self-labeling that he is a “socialist.” On matters of compulsion and totalitarianism Senator Bernie Sanders is a good socialist apparently, but on the real core value of socialism – everyone performing socially useful work – Sanders is MIA.

Assault on America, Day 398: What would have happened in Iowa if Democrats could count

Democrats should enjoy their one day of public-attention grabbing fun because all eyes shift back to Washington tonight to see how President Trump will handle his State-of-The-Union address flanked by his not-so-loyal opposition in the last gasps of a doomed impeachment trial. Will Bernie Sanders show up? No matter; he’s already full of glory after Iowa.

Trump Iowa goal: Win general election while Democrats struggle through caucuses

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Trump has something to prove. Given his success in the 2016 GOP race, it is easy to forget that he started out by losing the Iowa caucuses to Ted Cruz. So he wants to make up for that. But more importantly, he wants to cement Iowans' support for his reelection. Plus, he wants to take advantage of the increased intensity of support among Republicans who believe Trump has been treated unfairly by Democrats in Washington. Trump has been able to make a major effort for the general election with very little controversy even as his Democratic rivals struggle to make it through their party's caucuses. The goal: have a key swing state in the bag before Democrats even choose their candidate.

America’s Coming Three-Party System

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

One is Trump’s Republican Party. Call them the Trumpetarians. We can see them roughly once a week at one of his rallies so we know who they are—and they are enthusiastic, to say the least. Two is the Sanders or AOC-led socialist party. Call them the Bolivarians because of Bernie’s high-esteem for the Latin American autarchs only slightly less ruthless than El Ché. The Bolivarian rank-and-file, aka Bernie Bros., may be clueless about what they are getting into, but they are, nevertheless, also absolutely enthusiastic. Three is the old guard Democratic Party plus the NeverTrumpers (all fifty of them, including Bill Kristol). Call this group the Deep Staters. They are not enthusiastic.

Do You Speak Trump Or Democrat?

The problem with the impeachment farce (or attempted coup as we prefer) is not that Democrats were “speaking different languages” from Republicans, but that from the very beginning of the Trump presidency Democrats chose to dishonestly present their policy differences with President Trump as self-evident crimes and then tailor the facts and testimony to fit that narrative.

A Short History Of Short Democrats Demanding Booster Boxes At Debates

Given the recent history of short Democrats running for President demanding booster boxes at debates, Trump is likely right and having fun playing 3-D chess with Little Mike. But the media chose to ignore Trump's most important point about Bloomberg, which was that the DNC is again putting the fix in to defeat Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Assault on America, Day 397: Would a Sanders Iowa win launch a Dem version of #NeverBernie?

Bernie Sanders could easily end up on November’s ballot. And it all begins tonight in Iowa where Hawkeye State residents have had a good long look at the Democrat party candidate offerings. The political world just might be about to be turned upside-down, a development many would welcome. It’s all over but the voting.

Eight Reasons Why Trump Will Be Reelected

David Catron, The American Spectator

A new Gallup survey shows very significant increases in public satisfaction on eight key issues since Trump took office. According to Gallup’s voter affiliation figures, 27 percent of the electorate consists of Democrats, 27 percent are Republicans, and 45 percent identify as Independents. All are filled with voters who express increased satisfaction involving eight key issues since Trump took office. The most important is the economy. Unemployment is low, real wages are rising, and inflation is all but nonexistent. If the economy keeps humming and the voters continue to feel that they are better off than during the Obama–Biden era, Trump will easily win reelection, impeachment notwithstanding.

Why America Needs a Trump Versus Sanders Election

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

For the first time in decades, we would have a true election of opposites. This wouldn’t be a so-called “uni-party” election resulting in minor differences in the tax code, as it usually does. Trump versus Sanders would be capitalism versus socialism! And Sanders’s version of socialism is the real deal, and not socialism “lite”. Bernie is the man who chose to have his honeymoon in the Soviet Union and who still refuses to brand Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro a despot. It’s high time that something this serious, this contrasting, were put before the public. I say, bring it on. The battle would be epic. Trump would win this epic battle, and it will be better for the country in the long run.

Join Conservative Leaders Call The Senate, Demand Your Senators Vote To Acquit President Trump

It is, as the CAP memo says, time for the Senate to bring the proceedings to a close with a vote to acquit the president and return to the business of the American people. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that a motion to acquit President Trump be submitted and voted on immediately.

Rand Paul Shut Out, Cruz Scorches Schiff: Time To Vote And Acquit Trump

After more than 90 questions and 8 hours of debate on Wednesday and Thursday, we agree with Ted Cruz it is time vote to acquit President Trump. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that a motion to acquit President Trump of all charges be submitted and voted on immediately.

Assault on America, Day 394: Conservatives to RINOs: We got no more use for you guys

The more time passes the clearer it becomes that #NeverTrumpers don’t have a leg to stand on -- or, as Vincent LaGuardia Gambini might say, “I got no more use for this guy”. Next week begins the process of selecting a Democrat opponent for Trump. Can he or she count on help from the Republican resistance?

Normalizing Religious Persecution

Two days ago, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz, Poland garnered prominent press coverage, but today it is almost impossible to find any mention in the media of the Holocaust and that singular crime against the Jewish people. What's more, this media silence on religious persecution seems to apply to religiously motivated attacks on people no matter what their faith.

Romney Sides With Democrats on Impeachment, Gets Hit By Club for Growth Ad Campaign

The Club for Growth will launch a television advertisement, “Handle,” criticizing Senator Mitt Romney for siding with Democrats in the impeachment process. The ad will run on Fox News in Salt Lake City and Washington, D.C.  and reinforces Lou Dobbs' message that Romney is a "creep," "reprehensible," a "treacherous fool," and a "snake."

Assault on America, Day 393: ‘Hi, I’m Mike Bloomberg, and I accept the Dem nomination’

These are strange days when a candidate creates a large following by skipping most of the traditional party nominating process events, but Mike Bloomberg appears to be doing it. Democrats aren’t nearly as unified as the media would have Americans believe, a problem Trump doesn’t need to worry about.

U.S. election campaigns resemble endless wars

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

Unlike Irish politics, U.S. election campaigns increasingly resemble endless wars. Like those wars, campaigns cost too much and never seem to resolve the conflict. German political parties may not release more than one 90-second television political ad during a campaign. That would not please U.S. networks and local stations, which make a fortune from political ads. TV expenses in America are a major contributor to the escalating costs of campaigns, even though studies show the ads change few minds. Not every country’s campaign and election practices may be worthy of copying in the United States, but some are. Why can’t we learn from others to improve the process? We can, but will we?

Conservatives root for Bernie Sanders to be Democratic nominee at their own risk

Editors, Washington Examiner

A Sanders presidency is no joke — it would be deeply dangerous. Were the United States to elect an avowed socialist to serve as president, it would be a monumental event in history. Even if his legislative proposals were blocked by Congress, he would be able to wield the power of the vast regulatory state. Instead of looking at the opposing party’s primary through the lens of “Who would be easiest to beat?,” conservative voters should consider the question of who in the other party they believe would be the least bad as president. At the very minimum, they should remember that anybody who becomes the Democratic nominee is one step closer to the White House.

Strong Close: Bondi Unmasks The Biden Corruption Machine, But Do RINOs Care?

Pamela Bondi’s meticulous presentation rendered anything John Bolton might have to say completely irrelevant. It's time to end this charade. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators to demand that a motion to dismiss the charges against President Trump be submitted and immediately voted on.