2020 Election

Republicans need to stop compromising and playing by the rules

Cal Thomas, Washington Times

The purpose of politics is to win and to demonstrate one party’s ideas and policies are superior to those of the other party. If politics is only about being liked and praised, especially by one’s ideological adversaries, the party that adopts such a philosophy is doomed to perpetual defeat and to not have its positions — if it has them — taken seriously. If you don’t win how you played the game won’t matter. Texan Jim Hightower wrote “There’s Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos.” Modern Republicans might learn from that Texas liberal.

The Post Office Conspiracy Is First Class Stupidity

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The conspiracy is the Democrat establishment’s scheme to force you to pay to keep the teetering institutions it controls, like the post office and academia, on life support so that necessary change – which will disrupt those feeding at the institutional troughs – can be staved off for a few more decades. Democrats are the party of the status quo, the bloated, inefficient, parasitical status quo. They hate Trump, and you, precisely because Trump, and you, insist on upsetting their cushy arrangements. So, as for Trump trying to destroy the USPS as constituted? We wish.

Joe and Kamala, the Demagogic Duo

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

They subscribe to a left-wing ideology that sees a receding economy as a goal, not a problem. Woe to Americans if they believe it. They are two lightweights who will crash America’s economy, decimate her culture, and embolden the mob. If you want Black Lives Matter to rule America’s cities, vote for Biden and Harris. Harris’s credentials as a prosecutor are a con. She stands with the rioters and marched with them. Like Biden, she wants to “redirect” money away from police officers and toward failed government programs, all for the sake of pacifying a movement based on lies.

Democrats are against Trump — but what are they for?

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Public safety is a civil right and it matters to everyone. That’s just one of many areas where it sometimes feels as if the Dems are keeping their plans secret and will spring them on us after the election. More likely, they haven’t yet made up their minds and the agenda, to put it kindly, is still a work in progress. It’s a polite civil war, but it’s war nonetheless over the soul of the party. Just as it was four years ago, the Bernie Sanders wing is ascendant but has been defeated once again. The messages have been long on pain and grievance and short on hope and faith.

Democrats’ Cloward-Piven Plan For The Post Office

Frances Fox Piven and the late Richard Cloward, two radical Leftist academics, posited that the way to societal change was to overload and crash the welfare system through four steps. Radicals on the Far Left have since recognized that such a strategy could be applied to elections with favorable results, and we see the implementation of Step 1, “Overload and Break the Election System” being prepared now.

Conservative Journalist Chanel Rion Of OAN Launches New White House Correspondents Organization

Calling the existing White House Correspondents Association "Exclusionary" and an “Old Boys’ Club” of “Press Bullies” operating rent free on the White House grounds, and without legal standing, Chanel Rion, Chief White House Correspondent for One America News Network (OAN), announced yesterday the formal launch of the National White House Correspondents Association (NWHCA).

Assault on America, Day 597: Joe n’ Kamala Day 4: Racism, COVID-19 lies, and lots of videotape

Like a World War II battleship, Democrats spent four days and nights lofting shells against Trump and Republicans hoping to soften up the ground for an invasion. Next week it’s the Republicans’ turn, and they’ll do their best to turn back the enemy. Joe Biden is now the Democrat nominee. Bring on the fall campaign. Let’s talk about issues, should we?

Blue and Red America differences could hurt Democrats

Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

Democrats like to load all the blame on President Donald Trump. Despite their continued failure to cite evidence for his “racism,” there’s no denying his coarse insults have contributed to an increasing sense of national division. Democratic convention speakers are blaming Trump for not stamping out the virus, for the lockdowns’ economic devastation and for intensified partisan rancor. He’s made mistakes and missteps, but the charges are over the top. Maybe they’re an attempt to cover up the differences between red and blue America, which don’t work to Democrats’ advantage.

Time for Moral Pushback

William Murchison, The American Spectator

We ought to remake the acquaintance of America’s free thought tradition. The time has come to begin belaboring our teaching institutions — schools, universities, legislative chambers, TV stations, newspapers, and magazines — over the ongoing lockdown among us of reasoning and reflection. Our political candidates in 2020 should insist loudly on hearings not just for approved ideas but also, hardly less important, for disapproved ideas, such as argument and debate as cognates of human well-being and freedom, and that same freedom as the explanation for our success as a nation.

Over 100 Conservative Leaders And Activists Warn President Trump "chaos and vote fraud are central elements of the new Marxist Democrats’ campaign strategy"

Sowing Election Day chaos and vote fraud are central elements of the new Marxist Democrats’ campaign strategy. Because the Republican Party views November 3, 2020 as just another election, instead of an existential battle to preserve constitutional liberty, the GOP, and we fear the Trump campaign, are totally unprepared for what is about to hit them. Please add your name to the letter to bring this dire situation to President Trump's attention.

Boycott Goodyear Tires

We feel sorry for Goodyear’s 60,000 employees who work for idiots, and for the company’s shareholders who saw their stock nosedive because they employ idiots to manage their company, but President Trump is right: This is what the Radical Left Democrats do. Two can play the same game, and we have to start playing it now! #BoycottGoodyear

Assault on America, Day 596: Joe ‘n Kamala, Day 3: Mean Girls Night at the DNC w/Obama cameo

With Joe Biden set to speak on Thursday night, Democrats will finish up the first of its kind virtual convention. As expected, the first three days were one continuous Trump-savaging grunge fest. Day Three -- forever to be known as “Mean Girls” night -- was much of the same. Which leaves viewers with just one question: Where the heck is Hunter Biden?

Democrats Abandoning Black Americans

It shouldn’t be surprising that the Democrats are losing the black vote.  While Biden, Obama, and the Democrat leadership fail to condemn the violent antics of ANTIFA and backs the efforts of the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter to defund the police, they are swimming upstream in the black community.  The Democrats offer lots of words, and unworkable ideas like defunding the police, while Donald Trump offers peace and safety.

Yes, Biden And Harris Will Come For Your Guns

Whether you are a longtime gun owner or one of the millions of Americans who in the past six months have purchased their first gun, you should make no mistake about the unshakable commitment to gun confiscation held by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If you want to keep your guns and your freedom, vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence on November 3, 2020.

Assault on America, Day 595: Joe ‘n Kamala, Day 2, plus satirical look at Biden’s last VP vet

All throughout Day 2 of the Democrat National Convention, one theme emerged: America needs government. That’s the main difference between Democrats and Republicans. Democrats portray people as helpless lambs who can’t survive without Uncle Sam dishing out a handout, cutting a check and administering medicine.

Trumpism—A Look Backward and Forward to November

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Americans empathize with an underdog fighter on behalf of what they fear may be a fading America, even someone they are not always fond of, but who does not give up when bullied and subjected to a level of unwarranted abuse that they themselves know they could never endure. The Left never wished to beat Trump at the polls; they instead wanted to destroy his person, his family, and everyone who followed him. That Trump withstood such illegal, unconstitutional, and unethical venom also says something about those who dished it out—and did so viciously and yet so impotently.

Why We Can’t Trust Postal Workers With Our Ballots

David Catron, The American Spectator

There are two problems associated with the sudden expansion of the USPS role in our electoral system in the midst of a crucial election. First, the postal service is in no way prepared, as they have formally advised no fewer than 46 states in warning letters. Second, postal workers are by no means nonpartisan. They are represented by unions that have endorsed former VP Joe Biden. Ultimately, a vastly expanded role in our electoral process for the U.S. Postal Service will result in chaos and chicanery. Never has it been more important to go to the polls and vote in person.

Stop America’s Endless Kristallnacht Before It Destroys Our Country

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

The nonstop character of this American Kristallnacht is gradually destroying our cities and therefore our country as we know it. Gov. Cuomo wants to bring the rich back to New York—good luck with that—while LA’s mayor Garcetti watches people flee the Hollywood Hills and even Beverly Hills for safer outlying districts. And those are the problems of the affluent. What about those who can’t afford to move? They are stuck dealing with perpetual violence, living among homeless junkies, and braindead political fanatics. Although history may not repeat exactly, it does, as they say, rhyme.

Trump The Most Consequential Foreign Policy President Of Our Lifetimes

Trump was elected on high-profile domestic issues – cutting taxes, closing the borders, deregulation. He has addressed all of these. But he also has been perhaps the most consequential president in our lifetimes with regard to foreign policy. And it’s time he gets the recognition he deserves.

Soros Water Boy Kasich Speaks At Democrat Convention

As an alleged Republican candidate for President John Kasich didn’t offer a vision of America that was much different from Hillary Clinton’s. So, while Democrats seem to think that by having Kasich speak at their convention and endorse Joe Biden is a major coup, Republicans, and especially conservatives, recognize that Kasich long ago left the Republican Party, it just took him until now to admit it.