2020 Election

2020: We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

Robert Stacy McCain, The American Spectator

Having lost any ability to influence Republicans, the Never Trump crowd has now begun offering advice to Democrats, and it’s tempting to hope Democrats will listen to these “experts.” More than eight months remain until Election Day, and a lot can happen in that time. The most likely outcome, by historical standards, is that Trump will be reelected. His administration has been successful in many ways, particularly in terms of economics. Unless there’s another 2008-sized financial collapse between now and Election Day, Trump’s economic record is a powerful argument for a second term. We don’t know what we don’t know, and the political “experts” really don’t know much more than the rest of us.

Assault on America, Day 418: Budding Democrat civil war will end in mass casualties, no survivors

The beneficiary of the Democrats’ nomination struggle is President Trump himself. It doesn’t take a genius to see Trump is drawing strength from the Democrats’ unfortunate situation and the coming months should be truly entertaining – and revealing. Pass the popcorn and soda; this is better than a matinee at the movie house.

Democrat Platform: Make you do things you don’t want to do

We have been listening very attentively to what the Democrats have been saying during their debates and campaign appearances, and all their statements and speeches always seem to boil down to one thing: They plan to make you do things you don’t want to do.

After Tainted Prosecution And Trial Roger Stone Gets 40 Months

Serious and credible questions about the government’s motives and conduct of the investigation and prosecution of Roger Stone, including seating a tainted jury, have been raised. We believe a sentence of 40 months in prison is manifstly unfair and urge President Trump to step in and immediately exercise his pardon power to right the wrongs perpetrated against Roger Stone.

Assault on America, Day 415: Trump rides ‘The Beast’ at Daytona, cruises to victory in November

There’s little doubt President Trump’s appearance at the Great American Race last Sunday turned heads and raised eyebrows among the Democrats and his #NeverTrump critics. Anti-Trumpers look on helplessly while Trump gathers momentum for the fall campaign, just like “The Beast” circled the track at Daytona.

The Dumpster Fire In Vegas

Last night's Democratic Party primary debate was a real dumpster fire, and it was a dumpster full of Michael Bloomberg’s money that went up in flames. But the dumpster fire isn't out yet. Democrats still have to navigate a caucus system that was set up to stuff Bernie Sanders, but with Bloomberg's implosion they have no viable alternative to the socialist curmudgeon from Vermont.

Assault on America, Day 414: Las Vegas pounding knocks the Bloomberg off Mike’s rose

Not even the infusion of new blood made this debate any more interesting than the previous iterations. The only thing the Democrat Vegas debate revealed was that the party has a heck of a Sanders-sized problem on their hands. Even if Biden somehow jumpstarts his on-deathwatch campaign, or Bloomberg emerges, or Klobuchar, or Buttigieg, or even “Pocahontas” Warren surges -- they still have to confront Trump later this year.

Michael Bloomberg: Like Penny Loafers At A Rodeo

The entertainment of value of Bloomberg’s phoniness aside, the former New York City Mayor’s real problem is that the authentic Bloomberg would get buried in both the Democratic Party’s primary and the general election, because, judging by what the real Michael Bloomberg says in unscripted moments, he’s an even nastier elitist than Hillary Clinton.

Jeb Bush Urges Republicans To Go Back To Being Punching Bags For The Left

One thing Donald Trump will never be is a punching bag, and as a consequence of what Jeb Bush and his ilk view as Trump’s incivility, the Republican Party has returned to its roots as a political movement that fights for its principles, rather than politely compromising them away.

Assault on America, Day 413: Floating Hillary as VP won’t win Bloomberg any bets in Vegas

National elections have a way of sorting things out and this year’s will be no different. Tonight, Democrat presidential candidates will hem and haw about “unity” and “restoring the soul of the nation,” but there’s no getting around the fact we’re one divided nation. And having Hillary Clinton as vice presidential nominee wouldn’t make it better.

A Trump–Bernie Brawl Would Benefit the Nation

David Catron, The American Spectator

If Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, he won’t attempt to hide his views behind euphemism and subterfuge. Carville, Penn, and other rational Democrats should get out of the way and let Trump take out Sanders and the radical Democrats who control the House. But this will work only if Sanders is the nominee. If some ostensible moderate is handed the Democratic nomination by the party elite and proceeds to lose, it will strengthen insurgent socialists like AOC. It’s time for a strategic retreat. That means defeat by Trump and the GOP in November, which would indeed be hard to swallow. In the end, however, it would be good for both parties and the nation as a whole.

Trump Drives Democrats Crazy At Daytona

We think that maybe Kelly O’Donnell is not old enough to remember the 1992 presidential campaign, but Maggie Haberman certainly is, and so we contrast the reception President Trump got at the Daytona 500 with the reception Bill Clinton got in 1992 when his motorcade entered Darlington speedway, where 70,000 rabid stock-car fans awaited the start of the Southern 500.

Assault on America, Day 412: Fundraising and policy success is Trump’s way to ‘feed the wolf’

It is undoubtedly true that money helps “feed the wolf” in political campaigns. Without it you can’t pay staff, purchase advertisements, send out mailers or do other tried-and-true canvassing methods. But big bucks don’t buy everything. President Trump has a healthy war chest and issues on his side -- and that’s all he needs to succeed in November.

The Difference Between Joe Biden, Jesus Christ, and Herpes

Daniel J. Flynn, The American Spectator

This politically unwise gambit [impeachment] never possessed a chance of removing the president. It did, predictably, harm the chances of Joe Biden, a candidate uniquely suited to wrest back some of those Rust Belt Democrats who cast Trump ballots in 2016, winning the nomination. Strangely, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, and so many Joe Biden well-wishers overlooked this rather obvious result. The same delusional arrogance that foresaw a blanket of immunity protecting Biden from impeachment fallout inspires Establishment Democrats to demonstratively undermine the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, the very beneficiary of the Establishment’s massive misplay on impeachment.

Will Bloomberg buzz survive contact with voters?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Would anyone be discussing Bloomberg absent his $55 billion fortune? The answer, of course, is no. But, for the moment, with Bloomberg having never been in a debate, with few voters having seen him, and with none having had a chance to vote when his name is on the ballot, Bloomberg attracts more than his share of media attention. What made Bloomberg different was one thing: his money. Bloomberg has risen in the polls on the strength of more than $300 million spent so far, with untold hundreds of millions more to come. But there is still that question of the voters. Many a campaign has appeared to have mojo until its first contact with voters. For Bloomberg, that test lies a few weeks.

The Myth Of The Moderate Democrat

Our friend Deroy Murdock recently posted an analysis of the legislative scorecards for the Senators still in the race for the Democratic Party's nomination for President. It turns out that so-called moderates Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden have often posted scores to the Left of Socialist Bernie Sanders. What's more, former Mayors Bloomberg and Buttigieg are every bit as Far Left as Sanders, Klobuchar, Biden and Warren.

Assault on America, Day 411: Time to stick a fork in Joe Biden’s comatose candidacy…or is it?

Anyone with eyes and experience knows Joe Biden’s campaign is in trouble and may be on unalterable death watch. But it’s still too early to say for sure whether the former Obama veep is comatose and headed for political obscurity. Nevada and South Carolina will have their say. Will Biden spring back to life?

Will impeachment play in November?

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Impeachment was an unprecedented plan, an election-year gambit in which Democrats used the House of Representatives's constitutional power of impeachment as perhaps the most audacious opposition research maneuver of all time. But will it work? One: Will voters even remember impeachment when Election Day comes around in nine months? And two: If they do, which way will impeachment cut? Will it help Democrats or help the president? Impeachment was big, and. even if it does fade from memory, Trump appears determined to keep it alive. Maybe the entire country will move on, but not if Trump can do anything about it. "It's not gonna work," Trump said. "Watch. Just watch."

The Democrats’ February Blues

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Democrats say they appeal to diversity, protect the average working American and are suspicious of the billionaire class. But the Democratic primary race so far reminds us that party rules favor rich, white candidates. The agendas voiced on the debate stages are not those of Middle America. The Democrats have nine months to unite around a centrist candidate. They have to give up on aborting Mr. Trump’s first term and instead offer a realistic counter-agenda to Mr. Trump’s booming economy and recalibration of foreign policy. Democrats also have to run their debates and primaries competently, fairly and professionally. Otherwise, 2020 will turn out to be a disaster for them.

President Trump: End The Persecution Of Roger Stone With An Immediate Pardon

Serious and credible questions, including the seating of a tainted jury, have been raised about the government’s motives and conduct of the investigation and prosecution of Roger Stone. The vehemence by which the Mueller prosecutors continue to pursue Stone belies any claims of fairness and due process. President Trump should step in and exercise his pardon power to right the wrongs perpetrated against Roger Stone.