2020 Election

The Democrats and the Diversity Dilemma

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

The minorities of color in the Democratic coalition are growing, as the base of the GOP is aging and shrinking. But these minorities are also becoming more rivalrous, competitive and demanding. And the further they move left, they more they move outside the American mainstream. We are no longer "one nation ... indivisible" We have almost ceased talking to one another. As for "under God," added in 1954, Democrats at their Charlotte Convention sought to have God excised from the party platform. "Liberty" has been supplanted by diversity, "justice" by equality.

Romney fundraiser not a hint at 2020 run, associates say

Byron York, Washington Examiner

Speculation that Mitt Romney will challenge President Trump in 2020 ever since Romney ran for the senate. Now, the just-elected Sen. Romney is holding a fundraiser — for "Team Mitt" — that is stoking speculation anew. The image of a party in chaos, and a troubled president quitting, is enormously appealing to some Trump opponents, even if it leads, as it did in 1968, to the other party winning the White House. Romney may have no role to play in any such scenario. But at the very least, if chaos descends, he will be a former candidate and party leader who has kept his political organization active.

Much Has Changed for the Better Since 2016 -- Not That Trump Will Get Credit

Victor Davis Hanson, Investor's Business Daily

The news obsesses over the recent government shutdown, the latest Robert Mueller arrest and, of course, fake news -- from the BuzzFeed Michael Cohen non-story to the smears of the Covington Catholic High School students. But aside from the weekly hysterias, the world has dramatically changed since 2016 in ways we scarcely have appreciated. Many of his policies have led to more prosperity and address festering problems abroad. And despite the negative news, they are widely supported, even -- or especially -- if Trump himself is not given proper credit for enacting most of them.

Kamala Harris, 'Populist'?

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

Harris's proposals aren't even "liberal," let alone radical. They're just "currently popular among Democrats." President Trump has started talking about "radical Democrats" opposing him, but if you think the "news" is fair and balanced, you'd have no idea why he would use such a term. That's why people don't — and shouldn't — trust the news media as if they were a nonpartisan, disinterested moderator in our politics. Instead, they're desperately trying to disguise the obvious. The Democrats are careening to the hard left.

2020 Democrats' fuzzy Medicare math — let's spend $32 trillion more!

Editors, Washington Examiner

Left-wing Democrats have always had a difficult, not to say hostile, relationship with budget math and economics. Yet, they promote this program anyway on the theory that federalizing medicine will somehow result in better care. It has not done so elsewhere in the world. One cannot change the basics of healthcare just by making government pay for it. One would hope that Democrats might have learned their lesson after Obamacare made insurance less affordable. Those who aspire to positions of authority should learn from their mistakes instead of seeking to compound them.

Howard Schultz Could Actually Win the Presidency

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Straight out of the box Howard Schultz has isolated the escalating national debt as his main issue and pilloried Trump for doing nothing about it. (He has a point there.) At first, he will seem stodgy to "idealistic" millennials, but after a while, they too will wise up. It's their futures too, after all. The outrageous costs of the Democratic platform will be made known to them and then some. The election, already started, is long. The hard left's proposals will not wear well. Write Shultz off at your peril.

Democrats and Never Trumpers will put Trump back in the White House in 2020 -- Here's why

Newt Gingrich, Fox News

Over the next few weeks, as you listen to the anti-Trumpers relish the winter of discontent and pronounce the end of the Trump presidency, just remember — they were wrong in 2015 when they said he couldn’t be a serious candidate; they were wrong in the spring of 2016 when they said he couldn’t win the GOP nomination; they were wrong in 2018 when they said he should withdraw Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination. Why should you believe them now?

Everyone Who Takes on Trump Ends Up Crushed

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Trump not only likes to fight but knows how to win. The GOP softies would have folded long ago in the face of media finger-wagging and howling Democrats. But not Trump. He enjoys crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentations of those who identify as women, as well as woke males who use Gillette products. Savor the coming victories. And they are coming, because this guy never loses when he takes on those who hate us. He will win the shutdown. He will take over the courts.

Trump’s Reelection Chances May Be Better Than You Think

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

People, not polls, elect presidents. Presidents run for reelection against real opponents, not public perceptions. For all the media hype, voters often pick the lesser of two evils, not their ideals of a perfect candidate. We have no idea what the economy or the world abroad will be like in 2020. And no one knows what the country will think of the newly Democrat-controlled Congress in two years. Whether or not they like Trump, millions of voters still think the president is all that stands between them and socialism, radical cultural transformation, and social chaos.

Is it Biden Time?

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

The press doesn’t appear too eager for Biden's presidential run. That the New York Times is already rehearsing the many objections to his candidacy should worry his advisers. A tired, geriatric air hangs about the two candidates who appear most committed to running, Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, and it doesn’t help that a candidate even older than those two looks fresher, Bernie Sanders. Biden should quit while he is ahead, but he won’t. His persistent vanity — a tendency to get “out ahead of his skis,” as Obama once put it — simply won’t let him and foreshadows his final fall.

The Coming Balkanization of the Democratic Party

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

The Republican Party, even with the never-Trumpers gone, still seems more united than a Democratic Party where the differences are not only ideological but also racial, religious and tribal. Today, the Democratic Party celebrates same-sex marriage as social progress and regards abortion as a cherished constitutional right. A floor battle erupted at its 2012 Charlotte, North Carolina, convention over whether God should even be mentioned in the party platform. Yet Nancy Pelosi did last week denounce as "immoral" the idea of building a security wall along America's border with Mexico. No, this is not JFK's party anymore. That party is long dead.

Trump: The Best President I Didn’t Vote For

David Catron, The American Spectator

After only two years in office, in the face of unprecedented and relentless resistance from the Democrats, the media, and the metastasizing Mueller investigation, President Trump has accomplished more than many presidents accomplish in two terms. He has not, of course, achieved all of his goals. The most obvious disappointments involved Obamacare and the border wall. Yet, even in these areas, his administration has made measureable progress and there is good reason to believe that he will eventually overcome Democratic obstructionism and achieve his ultimate objectives. Meanwhile, Trump’s long list of unalloyed successes keeps growing.

Who Could Possibly Replace Trump?

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

Trump is not forever, and we need to be preparing for the day when another warrior will be our champion. So do the people who aspire to replace him. They need to understand that now is the time to hone their technical skills (speaking, glad-handing) while networking with the base. And they need to understand why we chose Trump. Be loyal to the base. Don’t give a damn what people who hate you say. Be unwilling to lose. Get those three things down, and that’s a strong foundation for victory.

'Well, I'd like to be president'

Monica Crowley, Washington Times

In a party that is now dominated by an ascendant far-left, Mrs. Clinton looks like a relic and worse, a dud. The stench of defeat trails her. Her globalist elitism is out of step with much of the country and her inability to connect on a basic human level will never change. She cannot seem to accept that the life choices she made were hers alone and that she isn’t owed anything as a result of them, least of all the presidency. Instead of making another embarrassing run, Mrs. Clinton should hole up in her Chappaqua mansion with a glass of her beloved chardonnay.

The American Presidency Is in Xi's Hands

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

Donald Trump's chief negotiator Robert Lighthizer has his work cut out for him. The best thing he has going is that the Chinese know if the USA goes broke, they go broke with us. (At least there's one good thing about globalism!) Also, all Chinese leaders are concerned with rebellion — they have plenty. Nevertheless, the stock market, to say the least, is nervous. We should be too — not just for our 401Ks, but for the future of our republic on a whole lot of levels.

Democrats in Trouble

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The American Spectator

High quality Democrats for 2020 are going to be hard to find. This is why there was a great deal of interest in Hillary’s appearance before empty seats in Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena this past weekend. It was an early stop in her transcontinental tour to stay in the headlines. She is going to fail. She is riding a death wagon. After nearly thirty years in the public eye she and Bill are going to die in the public eye. No other pair of politicians will have died in public so ignominiously… but then there has never been such a pair as the Clintons.

Democrats In 2020: One Creep Out, One Creep In

With Michael Avenatti’s departure from the scene the creep factor for Democrats' 2020 primary did not go down, in fact it may have gone up a couple of notches with the announcement that #CreepyJoe Biden is actively considering running for the Democrats’ 2020 nomination.

Calling O'Rourke

David Catron, The American Spectator

If O’Rourke runs, he will do fine in places like Austin and other college towns. But he’ll flop in the places that cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election — the big city precincts where the African-American vote is crucial to any candidate’s success. From 2012 to 2016, black voter turnout dropped dramatically and clearly demonstrated that no Democrat can win without generating a level of enthusiasm among minorities comparable to that which Barack Obama enjoyed. A white bread candidate like Beto, with a skateboard and a billionaire wife, will never cut it. The left’s lovesick yearning for Beto will not end well.

How Trump Can Translate His Policy Successes into Political Success

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

When Trump campaigns and holds rallies, he is the rare politician who sincerely uses a plural possessive pronoun of endearment to talk of Americans as “our farmers,” “our soldiers,” “our miners,” and “our workers.” His speeches about reviving the deindustrialized Midwest show more empathy than the usual boilerplate from free-trade libertarians or social-welfare liberals. Trump does not have to win over all minority voters and suburbanites. He just needs to recalibrate his messaging and reemphasize his solid achievements, reminding those he has benefited how and why he has helped them — and why he is not the ogre so often stereotyped in the media.

Let’s Give Thanks For Leftists Being Themselves

There’s much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving; a world at relative peace, a booming U.S. economy and a President who has worked hard to lift the heavy hand of government from the backs of America’s working families. But let’s not forget to also give thanks for the power of truth, as Democrats, through their own words, slowly disclose who they really are.