2020 Election

How To Lose Your Majority - Message To Mitch McConnell And Senate GOP

We have a simple explanation of the problem and a simple answer that will guarantee a Republican majority in the Senate: Your problem is you have spent that past three years betraying the GOP base that elected Donald Trump President, so stop betraying conservatives, get off your ass and fight for the MAGA agenda and you will win. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will lose.

Tell Your Governor To Stop Investing State Pension Funds In Communist China

Our friend Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government, sent a letter to the Governors of all 50 states demanding that they end the dangerous practice of investing state worker pension funds in Communist Chinese enterprises. We applaud this effort and urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Governor’s office to demand that their state worker pension funds divest themselves of all investments in Communist China.

Assault on America, Day 568: Hey Dems, since when does loving America equal abnormal?

The “real” Donald Trump isn’t necessarily revealed via Twitter and we sure can’t be certain of the man based on media distortions of what “normal” looks like. The 2020 election will settle where the American people stand on the matters of today -- don’t be shocked if Democrats are the ones deemed aberrant.

Brace for the Backlash

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

We’ll elect Republicans down the line, while pillaging the Democrats and sowing their fields with salt. That’s how we fight will back. Don’t miss the fun. If you aren’t registered, register. If you can’t make it to the polls, get an absentee ballot. Every hand, hold high your figurative pitchforks and torches! Burn baby, burn. In this way, we can avoid the worst consequences of the chaos the left has unleashed. History tells us what those consequences are, and frankly, you are doing those pinko brats a favor by electing a clear GOP majority and putting a stop to their idiocy before they go full Ft. Sumter.

Portland, Oregon Joins The Confederate States Of America

In actions eerily reminiscent of those of public officials during and after pre-Civil War Baltimore’s “Pratt Street Riot,” Portland city and Oregon state officials have taken the side of anti-government insurgents. And, even worse than their Confederate-sympathizing Democrat antecedents, they have not only joined the rebel side, but have refused to keep and maintain order, in what was formerly one of the jewels of the Pacific Northwest.

CAP Memo to the Movement: The Trump Administration Should Halt Tax Breaks for Abortions

The conservative leaders of the Conservative Action Project on Monday called upon President Trump to direct the Department of Treasury to issue new regulations to clarify that abortions (except when the mother's life is physically endangered) cannot constitute medical care under §213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Such an action would cement President Trump’s pro-life legacy by ending tax breaks for abortion.

Assault on America, Day 567: Ho hum, another call for fiscal sanity in the age of the CCP virus

If blue state governors and mayors won’t continue reopening the economy, there’s little alternative to just saying no to Pelosi’s and the Democrats’ bloated handouts. And needless to say, Grampa Joe Biden can take his “climate change” ideas and stick them, well, where the sun don’t shine. Isn’t that what they want anyway?

Call To Action On Transgenders In The Military

The Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators and Representative, tell them congressional action to repeal the 2018 Defense Department policy would do nothing to support the troops or to strengthen mission readiness and morale, and that you demand they vote NO on any amendment to the 2021 NDAA that would repeal President Trump’s sensible 2018 “deployability” policy on transgenders serving in the military.

The GOP Senate Is Asleep at the Wheel

Rachel Bovard, American Greatness

The Republican Senate is all that is standing between us and a Democratic Party that wants to remake our congressional institutions in a way that allows them to remake society. And yet it is unclear if anyone in the Republican Senate recognizes this. The Republican Senate expects Americans to come out and vote for them—for what? We need them to courageously defend the wholly American virtues of equality under the law, of justice for all, and to ferociously protect the freedom of individual Americans from the tyranny of mobs, the authoritarian thought control of woke corporations, and the corrupt power of the state.

Trump Has Already Won the 2020 Election

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Too many Americans are what Kurt Schlicter aptly calls “normals.” These people aren’t just white. They are brown and black and yellow and everything in between. Some even cringe at some of Trump’s presumed excesses, but they cringe more at the thought that police will not be there in an emergency for their families. And they’ve seen that happen all around. They also despise the cancel culture because they are basically good human beings. They don’t see a difference between “defund the police” or “redirect the funds” because political spin is as familiar to them as apple pie. And then there’s China. And then there’s Durham.

Don’t Cancel Nick Cannon. Cancel 'Cancel Culture'

Our friend Adam Guillette, President of Accuracy in Media, opposes cancelling Nick Cannon for his hateful comments about white people and Jews, arguing conservatives and libertarians do not stand to gain from normalizing cancel culture tactics. As we saw in cities throughout our nation just a few weeks ago, the Left will always be much better than us at mobilizing unruly mobs. And who among us desires to live in a society dominated by mob rule?

Assault on America, Day 566: Campaign switch in leaders isn’t a retreat, it’s a redeployment

Last week’s Trump campaign personnel switch could turn out to be a wise move if the new leadership is able to steer the president back towards a message-based approach to defining his opponent while touting his own accomplishments. Four years ago, Trump ran on a platform of Making America Great Again. There’s no reason to abandon the concept now.

Who In Washington Wants Steve Stockman Dead? 'Someone at the Top'

By Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Former Rep. Steve Stockman is the only over-60 diabetic prisoner remaining at the Beaumont, Texas federal prison facility, which also has the highest per capita COVID-19 infection rate of any prison in the country. And he’s been told by prison officials he will not be leaving on orders “straight from the top” in Washington!!! It’s clear someone wants him dead.

It Is Time We Adopted A ‘Second Tower’ Mentality

When the first plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center everyone knew something was terribly wrong, but they were in a First Tower Mentality. When the second plane hit the South Tower, everyone suddenly had a Second Tower Mentality - they knew America was under attack. So, are you still in a First Tower Mentality about the Revolutionary events that have been happening these past five months? Or have you had your Second Tower Moment yet?

Assault on America, Day 565: Trump must pound the facts, law and emotional appeal to win

The 2020 election will be heavily influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, but Americans want to see the big picture as well. President Trump has a lot going for him in the issue realm if he would simply drop the personal stuff and focus like a laser on promoting policies that make people realize the world’s not coming to an end.

Why the Polls Predict Trump Will Win

David Catron, The American Spectator

Few election polls include, “Who do you think will win the upcoming election?” Pollsters know about the research, they are familiar with the predictive nature of voter expectation surveys, and they know that including such a deadly query will produce accurate results that will enrage their paymasters. They remember what happened to Nate Silver when he suggested Trump had a chance of defeating Hillary Clinton in 2016. The pollsters and the pundits who write about their findings don’t want to be canceled for telling the truth, that a number of polls contain citizen forecasts indicating Trump is going to win.

Insignificant Never Trumpers have no reason to vote for Biden

R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., The Washington Times

Two problems face the Never Trumpers. All the chief architects of the Never Trump movement are either has-beens or never-weres. I was dimly aware of a few of these Machiavels — probably owing to my legendary long-term memory — but most of them I had never heard of before and probably never will again. As for problem number two, none of the Never Trumpers could come up with up a compelling reason to vote for Joe Biden as an alternative to the president when Joe finally emerges from his basement to challenge the president. Donald, his tweets aside, brought us to a robust economy. He is doing it again.

Conservatives Gather To Protect Emancipation Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Our friend Star Parker, President of Urban CURE, recently led a group of some 200 patriots in a demonstration of support for retaining the Emancipation Memorial at its historic location in Washington, D.C.’s Lincoln Park. The memorial depicts a courageous Archer Alexander who risked his life to be free. And it depicts a courageous Lincoln who paid for his convictions with his life. To join Star’s campaign to save the Emancipation Memorial click this link.

The New York Times Meets Lord Of The Flies

The very public resignation of New York Times contributing editor and writer Bari Weiss describes an extremely dangerous Maoist atmosphere at the New York Times that could reach critical mass at any institution that has a large staff that has passed through American higher education in the past decade or so.

Assault on America, Day 562: Brace yourself for 2020’s unconventional party conventions

With one month to go until the parties’ political conventions, it’s still very much up in the air as to what they’ll look like and who will be permitted to attend and participate. Democrats and Republicans take different approaches to dealing with the CCP virus pandemic and its possible threats, and this will be no typical year for political theater.