2024 Election

What If the First Woman President Is (Gasp!) a Republican?

Roger Kimball, The Epoch Times

Three conservative women have emerged as possibilities in the post-Trump era of 2024. They are South Dakota governor Kristi Noem, former South Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley, and longtime congresswoman and soon-to-be senior senator from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn. All three women were among those politicians selected to speak at the RNC. Noem and Blackburn are most definitely card-carrying members of the dominant Trump wing of the Republican party, Haley intermittently so, although she did not display her ambivalence at the convention.

Handicapping the 2024 (!) Presidential Election

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Even though he won’t be running, the specter of Trump will loom heavily over this election as well. He has changed everything, at least for the short run. Overly traditional candidates will seem boring, especially to the omnipresent mainstream media who may have hated Trump (hate him right now) but live off his drama like parasitic barnacles on a whale. The electorate, too, has been conditioned for something exciting. Some will say they will yearn for the bland after years of this nonstop Trump drama, but I think not. In our competitive, techno-driven world, the bland fades quickly away, deserving or not. Will the two-party system still be with us in a functional way for 2024?