The ACORN Sting, 10 Years Later

James OKeefe, Project Veritas

Doing undercover investigative journalism gets you flak when you effectively and devastatingly expose something. When you do investigative reporting, somebody gets hurt. But what must never be forgotten is that the results will ultimately benefit society. In a democracy, the people’s right to know is necessary if they are to make informed decisions. The new sacred cows are media and big tech. The plan, to investigate them. Because sacred cows like every other institution, need to be held accountable. Now is the time to act. And that’s why, at Project Veritas, 10 years later, the best is yet to come.

Democrats Welcome Chairman Mao To America

Republicans and conservatives must force themselves to recognize that the violence perpetrated in Charlottesville, Philadelphia and Berkeley was just the probing movements of a coming hardcore Leftist revolution that intends through violence and intimidation to destroy constitutional liberty.

O’Keefe: Our Videos Simply Make People Live Up to Their Own Principles

Ginni Thomas, Daily Caller

President and founder of Project Veritas James O’Keefe explains why he believes that the mainstream journalism community in America has failed to hold those in power accountable.


ACORN Targets Cruz at OCare Event

Lee Stranahan, Breitbart

A few Texas Organizing Project (a reformed version of the Texas ACORN) protesters disrupted Cruz at a packed Heritage Action Obamacare event in Dallas.