Obama Launches New Health Threat Against America

NBC News

The Food and Drug Administration said Tuesday that it plans to allow homosexual and bisexual men to donate blood, effectively ending a lifetime ban policy that was put in place in 1983.

Protests Flare Against Rose Parade SSMarriage

Robert Wilde, Breitbart

The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Assn. has received complaints from many against using the Rose Bowl as a platform to proselytize for gay marriage. Christians have called it inappropriate for families and 'unbiblical.'

Levin:Conservatives Did More for S. Africa Than Obama

Real Clear Politics Staff

"When Obama leaves office, there won't be tens of millions of people newly freed from behind the Iron Curtain, or under the thumb of some third world dictator, as they were under Reagan and Thatcher. Thatcher was responsible for -- along with John Paul II and Ronald Reagan -- the freedom of over a hundred million people.