Abortion Debate

Kansas Judge Weighs Nation's 1st Ban on Abortion Method


A pro-abortion group will ask a Kansas judge Thursday to block the state's first-in-the-nation ban on what it says is the most common method for terminating second-trimester pregnancies, contending that the new law would force some women to either accept higher medical risks or forgo abortions.

Florida Enacts 24-Hour Abortion Wait

The Miami Herald

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law Wednesday that requires women to visit a doctor and wait at least 24 hours before having an abortion. Women will not be required to wait for the procedure if they provide a police report, court order, or medical report proving the pregnancy was a result of rape, incest, domestic violence, or human trafficking. 

Planned Parenthood Defies FDA Rules

LifeNews.com Staff

The Alliance Defending Freedom explains that PP isn't holding healthcare providers to appropriate standards of care for women in connection with the provision of abortion-causing drugs.

Rick Perry Defeats the Liberal Sisterhood of Death

Texas Governor Signs Late-Term Abortion Restrictions Into Law

Whatever Rick Perry’s future in politics may hold, the millions of Americans who are pro-life and recognize that “life” is fundamental to liberty, will hold him in an esteem reserved for the very few who truly have fought for life, and won.

Wendy Davis is Dem Todd Akin

W. James Antle III, Daily Caller

Why was Davis blocking an abortion bill less restrictive than the law in many European countries?

Cruz Cites Constitution on Abortion

Katie Pavlich, Townhall

Ted Cruz stated that without life, there is no pursuit of happiness. Well said.

Catholic Group Backed Abortion 'Hero'

A Catholic View Blog Staff

Catholic Campaign for Human Development isn't pro-life; it backed Wendy Davis.