Adam Andrzejewski

10 Ways Donald Trump Can Cut Waste From

We like this list of ten places government waste can be cut because of its constitutional focus, but also because it is not the usual “we can only solve the waste problem by doing something big and difficult” answer we always get from Congress.

American Transparency Exposes Crony Boondoggle for Ex-Im Insiders

In a report that is truly shocking, even by today’s standards of insider pillaging of the American Treasury,, a project of American Transparency, has documented how large private banks processed more than $127 billion in Ex-Im supported transactions since 2007, while having an ownership stake in the private bank empowered to trade on the guaranteed loan portfolio of Ex-Im. 

The dark secrets of federal pensions

Adam Andrzejewski, Washington Time Op-Ed

It’s national Sunshine Week across America. During this week, good-government groups advocate for open government and transparency. One area that remains hidden is federal pensions.