Alabama House race

US Chamber-Backed Byrne Wins AL01

Sean Sullivan, Washington Post

Estab. Repub. and US Chamber favorite Bradley Byrne won the GOP AL01 House primary over tea-party Christian conservative candidate Dean Young.

GOP War Rages in AL

Lara Seligman, The Hill

Amid a big effort by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to secure a win for former state Sen. Bradley Byrne (an estab. Repub.) in the deep-red AL01, polls show his race against conservative underdog Dean Young is a toss-up.

Chamber Shuns Tea Party in AL

Erick Erickson, Red State

The US Chamber of Commerce is spending $185,000.00 to help estab. Repub. Bradley Byrne, who's running for the AL01 House seat. They want credit for repudiating the Tea Party even in Alabama. 

The Phenomenon of Quin Hillyer

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

One of the problems common to public office holders is that the desire to have a title too often outstrips a well thought out reason for holding the job in the first place. This will never be said of Quin Hillyer.

Quintessentially Conservative

Kyle Peterson, American Spectator

Quin Hillyer, successor to a long line of bonafide conservatives and former editor of American Spectator, is one of the best voices of the conservative movement. He stands ready to blow away his establishment R opponents in the House race for AL01.