Alex Jones

Censorship: The Dark Heart Of The Democratic Party

Democrats demanding the “deplatforming” of those whose opinions they don’t like is the 21st century equivalent of pressuring papermakers to stop selling newsprint to newspapers that criticize the King and it gives voters a deep look into the dark, totalitarian heart of the new “progressive” Democratic Party.

Megyn Kelly’s Spectacular Flop into NBC Spotlight

Kathryn Blackhurst, Lifezette

Only two interviews into the inaugural run of NBC News’ “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” the former rising star and Fox News host is being walloped by criticism from all corners. Kelly’s Alex Jones headache arrived on the heels of her controversial and underwhelming debut: her June 4 interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Her debut was largely panned as weak.

Alex Jones Backs Rand for 2016

Washington Free Beacon Staff

Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones endorsed Rand Paul’s likely presidential bid during his radio program. “Rand Paul is the best. I trust him, I’ve known him for 18, 19 years, and he’s the guy for president.”