American Action Network

Corrupt GOP Establishment Trying To Keep Congress In Its Pocket

Incumbent establishment Republican Rep. John Shimkus (IL-15) is no conservative. State Senator Kyle McCarter has received endorsements from conservative organizations such as the Club for Growth, The Eagle Forum, Taxpayers United of America, and Family PAC of Illinois. The citizens of Illinois deserve better, and Americans deserve better. The conservative choice in IL-15 is state Senator Kyle McCarter – we urge all of our friends in Illinois Congressional District 15 to vote McCarter in next week’s Republican primary election.


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

Barry Jackson and Mike Shields the former chiefs of staff to House Speaker John Boehner and Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus respectively are part of American Action Network's concerted effort to target House conservatives with advertisements aimed at pressuring them to cave to President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty and fund it in its entirety through the end of the fiscal year.

RINO Ad Group Targets House Conservatives on DHS Fight

Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan, POLITICO

The nonprofit American Action Network says its ad campaign, which also includes radio ads on nationally syndicated shows and digital ads in dozens of other districts represented by House conservatives, is the opening salvo of a larger effort to help Republican leaders pass legislation backed by establishment interests.

Outside Groups Launch $8M Campaign to Boost House GOP

Alexandra Jaffe, The Hill

Two big Repub. outside spending groups are launching their first major fall campaign, spending $8 million on polling and advertising in nine targeted House races. Amer. Action Network and its super-PAC, the Cong. Leadership Fund, are targeting largely offensive opportunities for the GOP.

Boehner PAC Pushes Amnesty

Jonathan Strong, National Review Online

Senior GOP aides of a super PAC linked to Speaker John Boehner are lobbying House Republicans to pass the Senate “Gang of Eight” immigration bill, legislation that Boehner has said he will not bring to the House floor.