American Civil War

Lessons from the Civil War 150 Years Later

Lee’s meeting with Union commander Ulysses S. Grant on April 9, 1865 was both the practical end of Confederate resistance and essential beginning of national reconciliation. The conflict killed perhaps 750,000 Americans, ravaged much of the South, malformed the national government, and destroyed America’s political checks and balances. The Civil War offers important lessons for Americans today.

Memorial Day Is A Reminder That War is Foolish

Memorial Day was originally conceived as a day to memorialize the horror and cost of the American Civil War, our country's most costly war, but that purpose is all too often lost in shallow celebrations that equate militarism with patriotism.

Let Neo Cons Tell Us What To Think? No Thanks Mr. Tobin

Can you violate the Constitution to save it, or save the Union? Lincoln decided he could and he must. Can presidents today violate the Fourth Amendment, the Fifth and the Ninth Amendments, as well as a variety of statues to fight a “war on terror?” Apparently, Jonathan S. Tobin, Senior Online Editor of Commentary magazine thinks presidents can and should.