American Involvement in Syria

Anti-US Syrian forces begin ground offensive backed by Russia air and sea power

Andrew Roth and Erin Cunningham, The Washington Post

The attack showcased Russia’s advanced military capabilities and closer coordination with the governments of Iran and Iraq, whose airspace the missiles traversed before striking targets in Syria held by the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.

O Agrees to UN Talks on Syria

Jennifer Epstein, Politico

Obama has agreed to engage in discussions at the UN to “explore seriously the viability” of Russia’s proposal for Syria to hand over its chemical weapons.

Boehner Aiding O to Gain Syria Votes

Madeleine Morgenstern, The Blaze

With Obama set to address the nation Tuesday, the speaker’s staff is advising the White House on what the president needs to say to win GOP support.

Assad Warns of Payback If US Strikes

Fox News Staff

The Syrian leader said the U.S. can expect "every action" if America strikes. He suggested retaliation could come from the opposition, as well as his government and allies. 

Syria's All About Obama, Right?

Justin Sink, The Hill

The idea that Obama’s motives are political is taking hold on both the left and right, underscoring the challenge he faces in securing support for a risky Syria venture.

Cruz:US Isn't Al Qaeda's Air Force

Mike Flynn, Breitbart

“We certainly don’t have a dog in the fight,” Cruz said, calling it a civil war in Syria. “We should be focused on defending the United States."

20 Reps to Watch on Syria

Matt Fuller, Roll Call

One way to handicap the Syria vote is to look at individual legislators. Who are the 20 so-far-undecided House lawmakers to watch?

Rubio Switches on Syria

Manu Raju, Politico

For the last two years, Rubio has demanded U.S. intervention in Syria to dethrone the Assad regime. Now he says Obama missed the boat.

No, Syria Issue Won't Divide GOP

Jamie Weinstein, Daily Caller

Don't buy the media hype: The GOP is not in some epic struggle between interventionists and non-interventionists over Syria.

Why is Assad’s Alleged Killing of 1,400 Syrians So Much Worse than the Slaughter of 800,000 Rwandans?

When compared to other examples of genocide and mass-slaughters of people by their own government, Assad is pretty small potatoes. So why the selective moral outrage?

Buchanan: Syria Strike Impeachable

Real Clear Politics Staff

Patrick Buchanan says if Obama decides to attack Syria without Congressional authorization, he would be engaging in "what would clearly be an impeachable act."