American exceptionalism

Celebrate the Miracle of America

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

America has a history of miracles. I’m heartened and inspired by the “AmeriCANs” movement to stop the discord—even if only temporarily (this is campaign season). AmeriCANs isn’t political. We can and should come together in a patriotic celebration of our past and our combined goodness and our compassion. Millions of people can make positive change—not by tearing down but by building up and by contributing to positive outcomes. Not by burning down in the fits of rage we all feel from time to time these days, but by lighting candles and lending a helping hand.

Thomas More Law Center Uncovers Taxpayer Funded Islamic Propaganda Forced On Teachers

The Thomas More Law Center (TMLC), a national nonprofit public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has uncovered evidence of a well-orchestrated Islamic propaganda campaign aimed at teachers in school systems throughout Michigan and several other states.

Making no apologies, President Trump replaces Obama Doctrine with American Exceptionalism

Charles Hurt, Washington Times

At nearly this exact point in Mr. Obama’s presidency, he launched his famous “apology tour,” traveling the globe seeking forgiveness for all America’s transgressions. Among Mr. Trump’s earliest initiatives was undoing the Obama Doctrine of apology and appeasement. Mr. Obama’s commitment to Defeat without Peace and America Last have been replaced by an era of American Exceptionalism. America's Beacon of Hope shines brightly once again.

The Latest Alinskyite Attacks On Trump Staffer Sebastian Gorka

Sebastian Gorka’s real sin isn’t anti-Semitism or self-promotion – it is understanding and, through his writing and media appearances, showing a bright light on what we call the Red – Green Axis; the alliance between Islamists, especially those aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood, and Democrats.

Is Obama's World a Utopian Myth?

Patrick J. Buchanan,

Less and less do we Americans seem to be one country and one people. More and more do we seem to be separating along religious, racial, cultural, political, ideological, social and economic lines. If a more multicultural, multiethnic America produces greater unity and comity, why have American politics become so poisonous?

Hail Hillary: Is There A Clinton Progressive Police State In America's Future?

By Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
In my new online series and companion booklet on the 2016 election conservative leaders weigh in to explain the threat the election of Hillary Clinton would pose to constitutional liberty, traditional American values and the conservative worldview, and why they plan to vote for Donald Trump.

The Death Of The First Amendment for Ordinary Americans

Those looking to explain Donald Trump’s populist support and the rise of the #AltRight need look no further than the firing of Diane Amoratis and the disinvitation of Lou Holtz to understand the outrage at the double of standard of what constitutes “hate” and the legitimate feeling of ordinary Americans that they are being marginalized in their own country.

Marco Rubio’s Victims Speak At Trump Rally

The top example of the soulless pursuit of money over the interests of American workers and their quality of life, American sovereignty and American exceptionalism is Senator Marco Rubio (although Speaker Paul Ryan is a close second) and yesterday Rubio’s victims finally had their say on a national stage.


CHQ invites you to join us and our conservative movement partners in #AmericaProud. While the progressive left is intent on growing government, eroding man’s natural dignity from God as anchored in the Declaration of Independence, and threatening prosperity and sovereignty, we conservatives understand that millions of Americans remain committed to the foundations of American exceptionalism. #AmericaProud is a celebration of all that makes America exceptional.

Rush's Mission to Save America

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Freedom is always just a generation away from extinction. Limbaugh's new children's book helps kids understand freedom, its real-time relationship to American history, and the importance of American Exceptionalism.

Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Dead – Don’t Be So Sure

The danger is that, after the House passes several smaller bills, congressional leaders could handpick negotiators to meet in secret and develop a “compromise” plan to “fix” the Senate bill and bring the new—even larger—comprehensive proposal to a vote in both chambers.

Amnesty: The Next GOP Establishment Betrayal

We have one opportunity to save what is left of American exceptionalism and the only way to win this battle is for you to get in the fight to defeat amnesty for illegal aliens, and get in it NOW. Watch the first of our exclusive videos here to have the intellectual ammunition you need to first win the debate, then win the vote.

PUTIN & OBAMA ARE WRONG: Here’s What We Mean by “American Exceptionalism”

America is exceptional because we have the Constitution — which is still supposed to be the supreme law of the land. We just need to get our government back to following the Constitution to become exceptional again.

Utah Freshman Makes a Name in DC

Sterling C. Beard, The Hill

Republican Rep. Chris Stewart has an interesting background in promoting real American values.