Arkansas Democrat Features Trump’s Anti-Woman Remarks In New Senate Ad

Joe Cunningham, RedState

This is exactly the type of thing Democrats across the country are going to do to all Republicans on the ballot this year – if there is even the remote chance you may have said somewhere you’d support the candidate, then you’re going to receive the exact same type of treatment as Boozman.

Cruz, Rubio join forces in Arkansas to block Trump delegates

David M. Drucker, Washington Examiner

Ted Cruz's and Marco Rubio's supporters have teamed up in Arkansas to pack the state delegation with individuals who'll turn against Donald Trump in a contested convention.

With 1 Week to Go, GOP's Confidence Grows

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Repubs. are all but assured of winning the open seats vacated by retiring Democrats in Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia and have a very good chance of ousting Dem. incumbents in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado and Louisiana.

A Football Lesson For The GOP

Republicans won't win back the Senate or other key races if they take a knee or throw the ball out of bounds on amnesty for illegal aliens, Obama’s contempt for the Constitution, Congress’ out-of-control spending and how to effectively confront the great national security threats facing the country today.

The Arkansas Obamacare Bailout

Washington Times Editors

A failed Medicaid experiment is becoming a national nightmare. The Arkansas private option doen't represent flexibility from the fed. gov't, a market-based alternative to Medicaid expansion, or affordable, patient-centered health care reform.

Taking the Senate Isn’t About Politics, It’s About People

Americans for Prosperity gets it. If conservatives want to take the Senate they've got to run campaigns that are about people, not politics, and APF is showing the way in Arkansas.

Mom Easily Eviscerates Common Core

Michael Dorstewitz, Biz Pac Review

An ordinary mother of three eviscerated Common Core state standards in her powerful four-minute testimony before the Arkansas Board of Education.