Benghazi Survivors

Graham Plays Two-Face Politics

Streiff, Red State

Lindsey Graham has followed the estab. R's playbook – talk conservative at home but help Dems in DC – for years. It's catching up with him. WaPo revealed his threat to block Obama nominees until Benghazi survivors were allowed to speak to be nothing but a kabuki theater aimed at helping his electoral chances.

Benghazi Survivor Rebuked Over NDA

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) says one Benghazi survivor claims to have been suspended from the CIA for refusing to sign the non-disclosure agreement.

Gowdy: O Hiding Benghazi Survivors

Janeen Capizola, BizPac Review

Rep. Gowdy said that the Administration is the changing the names and creating aliases for Benghazi survivors to keep lawmakers from questioning them.