Benghazi Victims

Brent Bozell: What Worries Conservatives Most About Hillary Clinton?

There is every reason to believe that if elected president, Hillary Clinton will oversee the greatest disregard for the rule of law ever, and woe to that person who rises to question her. With the rule of law firmly discarded, America becomes an oligarchy ruled by a dictator. That is what worries conservatives most.

SHOCK: Benghazi Pics Banned on Hill Staff

Rep. Steve Stockman shows 4 photos not allowed to be on display outside the Foreign Affairs Comm. hearing on Benghazi. Liberals know that not humanizing death makes it easier to sweep it under the rug.

Benghazi Victim's Mom: Son's Death Not Phony

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

The mom of a Benghazi victim is furious about the new Obama strategy of calling the attack and many other scandals “phony.”