Bernie Sanders

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Trump’s control of post-Orlando narrative rankles establishment

Democrats and squishy Republicans alike aren’t happy with the way Donald Trump handled Orlando’s aftermath, but it’s not up to them – The Donald is firmly in charge. Plus, Could Trump be earning respect from the LGBT community for his anti-terror stance?; Former Romney backer will seed independent run…if they find a candidate, and, Obama takes the bait, hits back at Trump.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: #NeverTrump completes the journey to Neverland

Even after the Orlando Islamic terrorist attack, the #NeverTrump movement is insisting on finding a new candidate. Plus, Instead of supporting Trump’s position, the establishment hits The Donald after Orlando; Marco Rubio’s continued denials concerning running for reelection means he’s closer than ever to saying “yes”, and, Trump points fingers at Obama, Hillary and political correctness in anti-terror speech.

Joe the Plumber: Trump will grab Bernie voters, bury Clinton

Anna Giaritelli, Washington Examiner

"They associate words with Donald Trump like winner, businessmen, successful, speaking his mind ... So I think Trump needs to keep being Trump, talk about how business is going to actually come around and bring jobs back. So I really think he is going to appeal to them."

Hillary Clinton Secures the Democratic Nomination

Erick Erickson, The Resurgent

Hillary Clinton now has enough delegates in her corner to become the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. President Barack Obama will endorse her this week. It is the end of the line for Bernie Sanders and his supporters, like most Republicans falling in behind Trump to stop Clinton, will line up behind Clinton to stop Donald Trump.

Why Bernie’s Bros Might Go for Trump

Josh Zeitz, Politico Magazine

It’s a startling historical reminder for Hillary Clinton and her backers as we head into the summer: When voters see America as a nation in decline, and when they attribute the fraying of its economic and social fabric to elite conspiracy, they sometimes cast their votes based on emotion rather than logic.