Big Business Backs Democrats

A Conservative Case Against Big Business

Matt Lewis, The Daily Beast

Why does the right always go to the mat for big corporations who could give a damn about conservative values?A few years ago, liberal Bill Scher penned a New York Times op-ed titled “How Liberals Win.” His conclusion? They win when they co-opt big business. “The necessity of corporate support for, or at least acquiescence to, liberal policies,” he wrote, “is not a new development in the history of American liberalism. Indeed it has been one of its hallmarks.” That certainly rings true in a week where big businesses like Apple and Wal-Mart helped sink laws meant to defend religious liberty. 

US Chamber Endorses Dems in Key House Races

Caroline May, Breitbart

The business group that has been pushing for amnesty but that has often backed Republican candidates is throwing its support behind Democrats in several key House races this cycle. Among the Democrats endorsed by the Chamber is pro-amnesty TX Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar.