Big Business Pushes Amnesty

The Big Lie Behind The U.S. Chamber’s Immigration Push

If there's a tech-worker shortage why did Microsoft just announce that it will eliminate up to 18,000 jobs over the next year? About 12,500 professional and factory jobs will be cut starting with 1,351 jobs in the Seattle area, yet current law will allow about 1 million legal immigrants and 700,000 guest workers to enter the country each year.

Tech Giants Lobbying For Amnesty Busted For Screwing American Workers

The same companies that illegally suppressed the wages of American workers have also been complicit in the NSA's illegal snooping and are adept at circumventing user privacy and avoiding their tax obligations in ways that would make the old nineteenth century robber barons blush. Now they are lobbying for amnesty for illegal aliens and the admission of more "techno-coolies" when half of American IT grads aren't being hired in their field. Please click the link to stop Silicon Valley’s latest wage suppression scheme and start rebuilding the American economy today.

Time for GOP to Tell Special Interests to Get Lost on Amnesty

Senator Jeff Sessions is right: It’s time for Republicans to tell these special interests to get lost and to be the one party that will defend the interests of the millions of Americans looking for better jobs and better wages. Don't let big business and establishment Republicans jam amnesty through: SIGN and SHARE the STOP AMNESTY PETITION NOW!

Amnesty and Paul Ryan's Presidential Ambitions

Along with Paul Ryan’s fine personal qualities comes a penchant for granting deference to the interests of the establishment GOP’s corporate paymasters and thereby alienating the two blocks of voters Republicans must have to win: Reagan Democrats and Tea Party movement voters. To arm yourself intellectually for the battle over amnesty and illegal immigration, watch the videos in our “Short Course” on amnesty and immigration and be sure to sign our "no amnesty" petition.