There's life in Old Blighty yet

Wesley Pruden, Washington Times

The prime minister pushes the argument that a clean break with the Europeans will bring down harm, confusion, ruin, disaster and national heartbreak. Big business, which always makes arrangements with bureaucracies and once in place wants them left undisturbed. Airbus and BMW warn they might not keep factories in Britain; Land Rover threatens, more or less, to suspend $100 billion in planned investments. But this is much like the mayor who threatens to close the orphanage if the City Council cuts anything out of his budget. Old Blighty will survive European threats and mischief. It always has.

What Happens to Christians There Will Come Here

Here in America our church and political leaders, such as Speaker Paul Ryan and the hierarchy of Washington’s Episcopal National Cathedral, are not just allowing, but encouraging the same kind of Muslim invasion that is extinguishing European Christianity.

Lessons From The World War I Centennial

Perhaps the most under-recognized lesson that Americans should take from our entry into World War I was the vast series of unintended consequences that were loosed by our involvement in the war to "make the world safe for democracy."

President Trump Should Give NATO to the Europeans

NATO should be turned over to the Europeans, allowing them to handle their defense as they desire. This would not mean cutting relations. But it does mean Washington should stop subsidizing its wealthier cousins when the latter don’t feel like paying for their own defense.

Why are America’s Allies so Persistently Pathetic?

Washington’s allies generally are a pathetic lot. Benefiting from sizeable and capable populations and enjoying large and advanced economies, they nevertheless can’t be bothered to invest heavily in their own defense, so the bulk of Washington’s over-size military outlays are to project power for the benefit of its ne’er-do-well allies.

UK, Canada Reduce Immigration; Will the US?

Neil Munro, Daily Caller

The U.K. public's opposition to the immigrant inflow is so heated that a gov't minister has even urged employers to attract needed British workers by offering higher salaries, and to stop relying on low-skill, low-wage workers from Poland or Pakistan.