CNBC Debate

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Fox Business Network delivers on promise for substantive, meaningful debate

Fox Business Network comes through with entertaining, substantive debate. Plus, Happy Hour debate needs a good drink special to stay in business; Ben Carson passes the credibility test; Ted Cruz shores up the conservative vote; Seeing the gentler side of Donald Trump; Rubio and Bush ignore each other, and, Concluding with a note on foreign policy.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Can Donald Trump handle second fiddle?

Ben Carson leads outside the margin of error in another national poll. Plus, To take advantage of the lead, Carson should be saving money now; Carson’s new frontrunner status – let the backlash begin; Marco Rubio’s sugar problem, and, How will Trump handle being second fiddle?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Seeing the personal side of Carly Fiorina

Trump and Carson continue to lead in post-debate poll. Plus, Cruz says future moderators should have voted Republican… at least once; Ben Carson continues to confound the “professionals”; Jeb blames pundits for his campaign’s sorry state, and, The personal side of Fiorina exposed through tragedy.

The FedUp PAC Debate Poll Results Are In

In the wake of the the 3rd GOP Presidential debate, which took place on Wednesday, October 28 in Boulder, CO, FedUp PAC conducted a series of three polls.FedUp PAC supports constitutional conservative candidates, and all FedUp PAC polls are 100% based on grassroots opinion, completely free of influence by any presidential campaign or surrogates. Here are the results.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Owns Debate Disaster

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
Democrats, not being the Party of Stupid, never buy into the idea that a “debate” is a nonpartisan affair. And that begs the question, “Who handed over the power to set the agenda in the Republican Primary to Hillary Clinton’s agents in the far-Left establishment media?” The answer is Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee. Here are three things you can do to help make sure this doesn't happen again.

GOP campaigns plot revolt against RNC

Alex Isenstadt, Politico

Republican presidential campaigns are planning to gather in Washington, D.C., on Sunday evening to plot how to alter their party’s messy debate process — and how to remove power from the hands of the Republican National Committee.

Debate 3: Ted Cruz changes the game

C. Edmund Wright, American Thinker

I think the moment was a shot across the bow of any liberal moderators in waiting for Republican debates.  These candidates have now seen the light.  They will not be cowed by gotcha questions, nor will they accept the liberal templates underlying the questions.  The candidates will fight back, and they will get cheered while the moderators get booed.

Cruz offers pot brownies to GOP debate moderator

Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart

Sen. Ted Cruz jokingly offered pot brownies to CNBC moderator Carl Quintanilla in the midst of a heated exchange at Wednesday night’s GOP debate in Boulder, Colorado. In doing so, Cruz blew up the blatant bias exhibited by the moderators and set the tone for the balance of the debate.

Ted Cruz dropped the mic by slamming CNBC for their 'cage match' questions

Brett LoGiurato and Colin Campbell, Business Insider

Presidential candidate US Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) delivered perhaps the biggest applause line of Wednesday's Republican presidential debate when he slammed CNBC's moderators for asking "cage match" questions.

Dear Jeb Bush, It Is Time To Take Your Campaign Out Back And Shoot It

Erick Erickson, RedState

Jeb Bush needs to take his campaign out back and shoot it — then decide if he really has the stomach for this. If so, he needs a new team. McCain was his guy in 2008. If Bush really wants this, he needs to completely shake up his campaign like Sen. John McCain did.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Media and Democrats lose big in CNBC Republican debate

The CNBC Republican debate was an entertaining and sometimes contentious exchange. Plus, Winners… or just the ones who stood out; Ben Carson passes the test – at least with his people; Cruz battles the moderators – Cruz wins by a knockout; Rand Paul disses Paul Ryan; Trump didn’t pave any new roads, and, Final takeaways from the CNBC slug-fest.

CNBC Undercard Debate: Graham Zingers Versus Jindal Policy Substance

Each of the four undercard candidates is struggling to breakout of the lower tier and the cheapest and most obvious way to do that is to do what Carly Fiorina did to breakout – turn in a great debate performance. Two of the undercard candidates – Governor Bobby Jindal and Senator Lindsey Graham – turned in memorable performances, but of vastly different substance.