CNN debate

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Jeb! does late night TV, isn’t funny

The Donald issues a challenge to CNN. Plus, Huck-ster denies Cruz a share of the limelight in Kentucky; Is Ted Cruz trying to poach Trump supporters?; Ben Carson answers Trump on immigration, creating jobs, and, Jeb! does late night TV, isn’t funny.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Ben Carson being ignored by pollsters?

Who's "in" and who's "out" in the 2016 GOP presidential race. Plus, Fiorina tells Trump to fight Hillary; Donald Trump and the Twitter presidency; Is Ben Carson being ignored by pollsters?, and, The summer of Trump completely reworked the campaign.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Game on, GOP candidates

Donald Trump now tops Democrats in head-to-head matches. Plus, Has Mike Huckabee finally found his break?; Does The Donald need to cut into Carson?; Fiorina hammers Hillary, sticks to her message; Cruz takes on local issue to make a larger point, and, The only thing “inevitable” about Jeb is a painful loss.

Super Bowl: CNN charging 40 times normal rates for GOP debate

Curt Mills, Washington Examiner

The network is asking for as much as $200,000 for a 30-second slot in the debate's commercial schedule. That's up from the normal $5,000 per slot. The rate hike is likely the result of an expected viewership surge caused mostly by the phenomenon of Donald Trump's candidacy.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ted Cruz schools leftists on climate change

Carly beats CNN, but the media heat will now be on her. Plus, Donald Trump receives a lot of free media and accepts an invitation to a Mexican restaurant; Santorum revives 99-county Iowa strategy, and, Ted Cruz foils leftists’ plot to trap him.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Lindsey Graham battles Trump, Graham loses

Republican establishment donors clamor for Mitt. Plus, Who really supports Jeb Bush anyway?; Ben Carson’s more than just a nice guy; How Ted Cruz responded to John Boehner’s ‘jacka**’ comment; Lindsey Graham battles Trump, Graham loses, and, CNN caves, Carly likely wins.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Will Carly Fiorina play with the varsity in the next debate?

A new Iowa poll shows Trump and Carson tied. Plus, yes, Fiorina is in third place in Iowa… but will she be in the next debate?; Scott Walker’s losing where he theoretically should be gaining; Donald Trump ‘emasculates’ Jeb Bush while setting the GOP agenda, and, planning the coming “Trump Takedown."

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Is Jeb Bush’s campaign on the rocks?

A new Iowa poll shows Donald Trump and Ben Carson virtually tied. Plus, Ben Carson’s style versus content; Trump keeps the media focus on number one; Huckabee flips on birthright citizenship, and, Say it ain’t so – is Jeb Bush’s campaign in trouble?

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Donald Trump likes what you see

New poll not all good news for Trump. Plus, what Trump knows that you don’t; Ted Cruz – principled or merely a shrewd politician?; Rand Paul’s starting to sound more libertarian; Carly complained, CNN said no, and, Quinnipiac poll shows depth of Bush dynasty problem.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: “Nothing Disqualifies Trump”

Focus group of Trump supporters reveals why he's leading. Plus, the Trump/Fox News truce is over – now it’s war; Ben Carson takes on #BlackLivesMatter; Rand Paul: Real conservatives stand for private property, and, Jeb Bush wants free college, just like Obama!

Presidential Horse Race 2016: Ready for a Romney October surprise?

Is Mitt Romney about to join the 2016 field? Plus, Walker the weathervane swaying with the political winds; “President” Trump’s first 100 days; The New York Times tries to start a Trump/Cruz war, fails, and, don’t call Fiorina a member of the professional political class.

Presidential Horse Race 2016: How low will Jeb Bush go to get the nomination?

Donald Trump’s lead appears to be growing according to another new poll. Plus, does Carly Fiorina have a point about CNN’s debate criteria?; is Ben Carson a tame version of Donald Trump?; Politico compares enforcing immigration laws to segregation; with all attention on Trump, Cruz rises, and, Jeb Bush and the Photoshop fail.