CNN stands by Rubio story, cancels interview with campaign spokesman

T. Becket Adams, Washington Examiner

CNN cancelled a scheduled interview Monday evening with Marco Rubio's communications director, a move that comes as the cable news network continues to defend a report claiming the Florida senator's inner circle has been thrown into chaos.

Carson: CNN thinks I’m a ‘pathological liar’

Mark Hensch, The Hill

Ben Carson attacked CNN late Thursday for questioning his accounts of violence in his youth. “Those claims are absolutely true,” he said of attempts he made as a teen to stab a relative and hit his mother with a hammer. Carson has told the stories to mark how his life changed.

MSM Suggests Tea Party Could Destroy GOP

Jeffrey Meyers, News Busters

Robert Costa of The Washington Post insisted that McConnell is trying “to govern responsibly. That started in '14 by pushing back the Tea Party and it starts now by making sure that all the passions & eagerness in the House don't overtake the party.”

Liberal Poll: GOP Has Early Edge

Paul Steinhauser, CNN

Dems. have lost their advantage and Repubs. now have a slight edge in the battle for Congress, according to a new national poll, which indicates that Obama may be dragging down Dem. congressional candidates.

Lib Hack Shamelessly Justifies O's Lies

Matt Hadro,

Liberal ESPN columnist LZ Granderson justified Obama's repeated lie about ObamaCare, claiming that Americans knew he did it for their own good.

Harry Reid’s Staff: America’s New ObamaCare Aristocracy

As ObamaCare destroys private health insurance and private health care it is inevitable that, just like in the Old Soviet Union’s single payer system, the ruling class will legislate its own special doctors, hospitals and health care plan while we plebeians in the workers’ paradise endure a health care system reminiscent of that enjoyed by the medieval peasantry.

Chris Christie: Looking Out for #1 Pays Off

Far from being a model of how Republicans should govern and campaign to win nationally, Chris Christie’s re-election proves three things: Chris Christie’s brand of “all about me” politics has no coat tails and means certain defeat for the larger conservative agenda, and having a weak opponent who has been abandoned by their own Party makes winning a landslide a whole lot easier.

Piers Morgan Tries to Smear Palin

John Nolte, Breitbart

The Daily Currant is a satire site, but that didn't stop Piers Morgan from gleefully tweeting out a Currant story attacking Sarah Palin, without noting that the story was untrue. Nothing on the page indicates the article is satire. 

Obama Woos Estab. Repub. Journos

Ben Shapiro, Breitbart

In a clear attempt to woo largely establishment Repub. commentators who have opposed the GOP’s shutdown strategy, Obama held an off-the-record meeting with Charles Krauthammer, Paul Gigot, Robert Costa, Kathleen Parker, and Byron York.

Hillary Biopic Nixed Due to Pressure

Meredith Jessup, The Blaze

CNN says it no longer plans to run a Hillary Clinton, blaming pressure from Clinton’s own camp. [Filmmaker] Charles Ferguson complained that Clinton's staff pressured others not to speak to the director.

Even CNN Sees Through CO Dem

SooperMexican, Independent Journal Review

CO State Rep. Angela Giron (D) went on CNN to whine about being recalled over her gun-grabbing, but even the CNN interviewer saw through her 'voter suppression' lies and cut her off.

America Should Stay Out of Egyptian Bloodbath

As Senator Rand Paul noted in an op-ed for CNN, by “constantly intervening in these troubled parts of the world is that there are often no clear good guys or bad guys. Today's ally can quickly become tomorrow's enemy." McCain, Graham and Obama should keep America out of Egypt and let Egyptians decide where their future lies.

CNN and NBC Call Priebus' Bluff on Hillary Shows, Now What?

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Monday gave CNN and NBC less than two weeks to pull major projects on the life of Hillary Clinton. We think Priebus is bluffing and is merely throwing a little red meat to grassroots conservatives during the lull in the political news brought on every year when Congress leaves Washington for its August recess. Please tell us what you think by voting in today's Daily Debate poll.

Priebus Whines About MSMedia

Hadas Gold, Politico

Priebus says it's time protect the GOP from networks that treat it unfairly. Too little, too late?

GOP Threatens to Stop Being The Party of Stupid

Conservatives are fed-up with the Republican National Committee handing-over the primary season agenda to the liberals in the establishment media every four years. All RNC Chairman Reince Preibus is doing by threatening to pull out of debates sponsored by NBC and CNN is threatening that the GOP will finally stop being the Party of stupid.