Carly Fiorina for President

FLASH: Carly Endorses Cruz – Says She Voted For Him

“Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are two sides of the same coin,” said Fiorina in her endorsement of Ted Cruz. “They’re not going to reform the system. They are the system.”

Monday’s Iowa Caucus Results Should End The GOP Undercard Debates

In our view last night’s Republican “undercard” debate showcased one obvious truth; with the exception of Carly Fiorina the candidates in the second tier of Republican presidential field are there because their time has passed.

Is Carly Fiorina Ready for Her Close-up?

Alexis Levinson, National Review

Republicans outside of Fiorina’s orbit say the official side of her campaign needs to beef up its infrastructure if it hopes to capitalize on her success. The failures of Rick Perry and Scott Walker to sustain campaigns, even as each had a super PAC with millions of dollars waiting in the wings, seemed to illustrate that soft money can only take a contender so far.

Carly Gets It Wrong: Hits Carson, Agrees With Hillary On Muslim President

Both Carly Fiorina and Hillary Clinton missed – intentionally or otherwise – the point Dr. Ben Carson was making, which was not CAN a Muslim be President, but SHOULD a Muslim be President? And this is not a new question for Americans to ask, a similar question was asked during the Communist assault on constitutional government during the 1950s.  Click here to sign our petition urging Dr. Carson not to back down in the face of attempts to intimidate him into disavowing his fair and accurate comments about Islam and the Constitution.

Fiorina gets boost as CNN changes debate rules

Al Weaver, Washington Examiner

CNN announced Tuesday that it is amending the criteria for inclusion for the second GOP debate in two weeks at the Reagan Library. According to the cable network, any candidate who ranks "in the top 10 in polling between August 6 and September 10" will be invited to the debate. The news comes after complaints from GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina, who was set to be excluded from the debate despite a rise in her poll numbers.

Why Carly Fiorina Has a Tough Climb to Make the Next Debate Cutoff

Nate Cohn, The New York Times

Carly Fiorina has surged in the polls after her strong performance in the so-called kiddie debate — the debate for candidates who weren’t in the top 10 in public opinion polls to qualify for the main Fox News debate on Aug. 6. She has moved up to sixth place in the Huffington Post Pollster average. But that still might not be enough to get into the next debate for the top 10 candidates, on Sept. 16 on CNN.

Does Carly Have the Record to Throw These Punches?

Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review

Carly Fiorina has been widely extolled for her solid performance in the Fox News debate featuring the second tier candidates last Thursday.  Judging by her rise in the polls, her overall message clearly resonated with a number of voters.  Most prominently, voters are likely tantalized by her promise to “throw every punch at Hillary” and not pull punches, as has been the case with previous GOP nominees.

Fiorina: Income Inequality Is Worse Under Progressive Policies

Real Clear Politics

First, we have to remember what the engine of economic growth is in this nation. You know what it is? Small businesses. Family-owned businesses. Community-based businesses. I started out as a nine-person real estate firm typing and filing. That's how most people start. 

How Do Fiorina And Jindal Break Into The Top Tier?

The so-called undercard revealed a deep pool of talent in the Republican field; that is a stark contrast to the narrow choices presented by the Democratic Party, where you can choose between the Third Term of Barack Obama or the first term of Karl Marx. Based on the substance of their answers during the first debate the question is not are Carly Fiorina and Bobby Jindal deserving of top-tier status, it is how can they overcome the arbitrary and capricious “credibility standards” the political establishment and media have begun to impose upon the Republican nominating process?

Fiorina: Government too big to get basics right

Carly Fiorina, USA Today

It is clear that we need a fundamental reimagining of government. That starts with citizenship and leadership. It starts with a definitive message to the professional political class: we will not stand for this anymore.

Fiorina, allied super PAC to report almost $5 million for campaign

Julie Bykowicz, Associated Press

Carly Fiorina's campaign said Monday she has raised $1.4 million to support her underdog bid for the Republican presidential nomination, and an outside group helping her said it has collected $3.4 million.

Carly Fiorina: Don't underestimate Donald Trump

Tom LoBianco, CNN

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said Wednesday that newly-minted candidate Donald Trump is "hitting on issues that Americans care about" and should not be dismissed.

Fiorina Makes Hay at Iowa Parade

Rebecca Berg, RCP

If Republicans have in recent years become well accustomed to fatally flawed candidates with the muscular campaign apparatus to win the party nomination, Fiorina might be the opposite: a candidate with no political credentials, infrastructure, or name recognition whatsoever, but with real talent. She is likable in person, polished on the stump, and precise answering questions. And she stands out in the Republican field as a non-politician and the sole woman — even if most people don’t know her name yet. 

TPA: Republican and Democrat Elite Ravage America’s Working Families

The Trans Pacific Partnership is only being kept secret from American workers and their families -- those who are going to be hurt by and who are the adversaries of its elitist provisions: open borders immigration policies that will continue to destroy their job prospects and climate change regulations that will devastate the American economy and raise consumer energy prices.

Self-Appointed 'fact checkers' Hit GOP Candidates

Tampa Bay Times

A trio of Republican presidential hopefuls officially entered the 2016 race last week, which meant a requisite trip to the Sunday news shows. There, all were asked to defend past controversies in a way the networks have never asked Hillary Clinton to answer for her controversial actions.

Carly Fiorina enters presidential race

Steve Peoples, Associated Press

The former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Co., Carly Fiorina, formally entered the 2016 presidential race on Monday, launching a Republican White House bid in a morning announcement that highlighted her role as a leading critic of Democratic contender Hillary Rodham Clinton.

We Like Carly & Ben: But Not For The Reasons The Media Wants Us To Like Them

To read the build-up articles over the past week you’d think that having a woman and an African-American in the Republican campaign for President were ends in themselves – and let’s be honest – that’s largely how the liberal media thinks. They buy the idea that politics is about parceling out the nominations, offices and patronage along strict racial, ethnic and sex quotas; never mind what the candidates think or what principles they hold, as long as they check the right box on the quota tally. It should come as no surprise that we see it somewhat differently.

Carson, Fiorina, Huckabee to join 2016 GOP presidential field

The deep Republican presidential field will get even more competitive this week when hopefuls Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee enter the race as expected. Carson and Fiorina, the former Hewlett-Packard chief executive, are set to announce today, making them the only black and female candidate, respectively, so far in the 2016 GOP field. Carson will announce his bid in hometown Detroit. Fiorina, who has positioned herself as an alternative to Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton, will make her announcement on social media, then follow with an online townhall event.

Carly Fiorina Ready To Run For President

Melinda Henneberger, Bloomberg

It would be hard to find anyone not connected to her campaign who likes her odds of actually reaching the Oval Office. But there’s no mistaking her seriousness, and the campaign itself has been its own kind of success. She’s impressed audiences at the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Iowa Freedom Summit, and Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition with her unapologetic conservatism and gone after Hillary Clinton on everything from conflicts of interest to wearing her sunglasses inside that Chipotle. She’s also shown an appealing gameness on the campaign trail.

Fiorina, Tea Party loyalists have much in common

David Lightman, McClatchy Washington Bureau

Carly Fiorina told the Tea Party Patriots Sunday that she too wants smaller, more responsive government, as she spoke and took questions from callers. The grassroots conservative group has been hosting government officials and potential presidential candidates in its teleconferences. The next president, Fiorina said, needs to “re-imagine government,” making it smaller and more responsive.