Chief Justice Roberts

No, Chief Justice Roberts Cannot Issue Subpoenas

Only Senators may identify a witness to be called and no witnesses may be called unless the Senate specifically votes to allow a motion to be filed regarding whether the witness issue will even be debated. No matter how hard the Democrats try to spin this to influence the media narrative, and Chief Justice Roberts. the bottom line is that 51 Senators will decide who – if any – witnesses will be called.

Progressivism or Judicial Review: Choose 1

David Corbin and Matt Parks, The Federalist

If judges are only partisans, as every mainstream media analysis of the SCOTUS today assumes, just how far should a free people be bound by their judgment? Let’s hope the Roberts Court chooses constitutional judgment over Progressive will.

Lazy Bureaucrats Will Laud Heien Decision For Years

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

In Heien v. North Carolina, the court has lowered the bar of expectations for the gov't. Those of who are pro-police have every reason to be upset. The majority opinion will be abused by statist bureaucrats at a time when too many already have reason to fear their law-breaking gov't.

The Looming Obamacare Disaster

Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Times

The Sup. Ct. upheld Obamacare one year ago, and in that timeframe, the law only looks worse.