Wall Street A New Front In The Cold War With Red China

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call the White House (202-456-1111) to demand that the President use his executive authority to prohibit companies owned or controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, the Red Chinese government, the People’s Liberation Army of China and other Chinese military and intelligence entities from accessing U.S. capital markets.

Hey, Black Lives Matter: Do You Really Want China to Run the World?

David P. Goldman, PJ Media

African-Americans whose ancestors were brought here in chains have every reason for rancor against the West. There are two possible outcomes for the 21st century. Either world leadership remains with the U.S.–which forced the liquidation of the great Euorpean empires and stood godfather to the independence of former colonies–or it passes to China. To China, black lives don’t matter. Not at all. The West was founded on the principle of universal human dignity. Whatever its sins, lapses and hypocrisy, this principle is the core DNA of the West. Think about it, BLM. You won’t like the alternataive.

Can We Coexist with Asia's Communists?

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

What the Chinese seem to be saying with their actions — against India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong and Japan — is this: Your American friends and allies are yesterday. We are tomorrow. No one should want a hot war, or a new cold war, with China or North Korea. But if Trump was relying on his relationships, his trade deal with China and his commitment by Kim to give up weapons for recognition, trade and aid, he will have to think again. For the foreseeable future, Communist bellicosity out of Beijing and Pyongyang seem in the cards, if not worse.

Hiding COVID-19's Origins

Betsy McCaughey, New York Post

China is determined to block investigations of where COVID-19 came from. But worse, influential American scientists are going along with censoring any inquiry. They're declaring their "solidarity with the scientists and health professionals of China." Promising leads need to be investigated further, but instead, they are being denounced as "conspiracy theories." Not just by the Chinese Communist Party, too. What we know is the virus was spreading months before China disclosed it and did not originate in Wuhan, contrary to China's original claim. Now we need to search for the uncensored truth.

Our Elites Suffer From China Envy

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

Who benefits from our national nervous breakdown? It is the globalist elites who still govern most of our society today, despite the invasion of Donald Trump. And those elites wish to continue that rule through what they fervently hope will come as the outcome of these demonstrations—more government control, particularly government control that helps them. They have seen it done elsewhere with results they might want to emulate. Call it China Envy. In macro, that is the landscape of election 2020—the globalist elites represented by Joe Biden versus the American people, represented by Donald Trump.

Beijing Biden Attacks Trump On China

According to research posted on the website, since 1979, Joe Biden has been a key supporter and enabler of Communist China; a fact he often brags about and highlights in interviews and speeches, seemingly oblivious to the economic damage his positions have inflicted on America and American Workers. And now, Beijing Biden has the gall to attack Donald Trump as being weak on China.

India Battles Communist Chinese Expansion In Remote Himalayan Valley

India shares a long border with southern and western China and controls important territorial waters Beijing needs for its maritime trade routes. India is the world’s most populous democracy and India is now on the front lines of containing Communist China’s expansion in the Indo-Pacific. If President Trump’s plan to box in Communist China is to have any effect, the remote Galwan valley in the Himalayas is where it may first be tested.

James Hooley: China’s raid on the Tongass National Forest chops American jobs and profits

James Hooley, Assistant to President Ronald Reagan, and a Senior Political Advisor to President George H.W. Bush and Senator Robert Dole, makes the case that expanded logging in the Tongass National Forest will benefit the Chinese economy to the detriment of American small businesses, workers and taxpayers.

China Isn't Letting a Pandemic Go to Waste

Victor Davis Hanson, PJ Media

China is not wasting the disaster of the Wuhan outbreak. It once gained a lot by faking friendliness, but now it seems to think it has no choice but to get even more by being authentically belligerent. China no longer flatters the West in passive-aggressive fashion, but rather shows its disdain for a weak Europe and an increasingly divided U.S. China’s real message to a fence-sitting world? While America tears itself apart with internal quarreling and media psychodramas, while Europe appeases its enemies, and while the rest of Asia stays mute, waiting to see who wins, China is now on the move — without apologies.

'Woke' Capitalists Sell Out U.S. to China Behind a Mask of Virtue

Ben Weingarten, Real Clear Politics

Embedded in the ESG (environment, social, and governance)-China gambit is an acceptance of the proposition that America is in decline, while China is ascendant. This becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy if Wall Street is intent on downgrading America’s economy, while upgrading China’s. What we see in Wall Street’s devotion to China is the proverbial capitalists selling the Communists the rope with which to hang us. Or, if you will, underwriting the outsourced rope-maker that produces the rope with which to hang ourselves. “ESG for me, but not for thee” is a recipe for undermining America while empowering its worst adversaries.

This Election Is Republicans v. China – Oops, I Mean Democrats

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The Democratic Party has a long tradition of hating the United States. Its goal for the last half-century has been to supervise the decline of America as a world power, and the fact that the Chinese communists take good care of their friends makes it easier. There is zero doubt that the Chinese government is already all-in on a Biden puppet presidency because it knows it can rely on him and Dems to place Xi’s interests ahead of America's. They’ll deny it, of course. But here’s the hard and indisputable truth: This November, you can vote for the Republican Party, or you can vote Chinese Communist Party under another name.

Trump Executive Order Strikes At The Heart Of Social Media’s Leftist Censorship

President Trump’s Executive Order puts the Trump administration squarely behind our interpretation of Section 230 platform immunity: By making itself an editor of content, such a provider forfeits any protections from being deemed a "publisher or speaker" under subsection 230 (c) (1), which properly applies only to a provider that merely provides a platform for content supplied by others.

Jinping Takes Up the US Challenge

Patrick J. Buchanan, CNS News

To warnings that China is risking Cold War II, Beijing seems to be responding: If a Cold War with the United States is the price of securing our strategic interests and position in Asia and the world, bring it on. Beijing has put the ball in America's court. The Chinese have stolen our intellectual property, coerced technology transfers from our businesses, and sent spies posing as students into our universities to thieve our secrets. Meanwhile, we allowed ourselves to become dependent on China for medicines and drugs vital to the health and survival of millions of Americans. Who did this to us? We did it to ourselves.

Biden’s Ukraine (and China) Problems Will Never Go Away

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

When it comes to Biden, it’s Ukraine, right? They’re the unreliable corrupt ones. Just because Joe plagiarized in law school and several times thereafter doesn’t mean he hasn’t suddenly turned into an honest man. Seemingly out of nowhere, more news has just come from Ukraine. It’s certain that Biden’s “Ukraine problem” is not going to go away. Ditto his China problem, which also involves Hunter. Many claims were made that Trump would be in Putin’s pocket were he elected U.S. president. The reality is, for similar reasons with considerably more actual evidence, electing Biden would be far more dangerous to our country.

American media undercutting Trump’s tense battle with China

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Even conceding the American media’s hatred of Trump, you might assume the deaths and devastation caused by the coronavirus would at least lead them to view China’s denials of any wrongdoing with suspicion. If you made that assumption, you would be wrong. For the left, Trump and America are to blame. That’s where they begin and end. No other living Republican would dare to face off with China if it meant also standing up to the Times, The Washington Post, CNN and the establishment of both parties. Were it not for Trump, the WHO still would be a revered institution instead of being unmasked as China’s gofer.

End The Sweetheart Deal Joe Biden Gave The Chinese Communists

Since 2013, through a sweetheart deal negotiated by then-Vice President Joe Biden, Chinese companies have been allowed to participate in U.S. stock and bond exchanges without having to fully comply with the same Sarbanes-Oxley Act accounting practices and risk disclosure required of American companies. Now the Committee on the Present Danger: China has launched a campaign demanding the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board:cancel the agreement.

Electing Biden Would Cede the World to China

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

If Biden wins, rollback to that 2014 trip with Hunter. What went on? Well, we don’t know, but we can bet the Chinese do. It’s not hard to imagine what would transpire if Joe were elected, even if there’s nothing on that hard drive or it’s been erased (neither are likely). Joe’s the guy who wanted to go along with the communist Chinese in the first place. “China’s going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.” One of Japan’s leaders put it this way during their heyday: “America will be our farm and Europe our boutique.” That didn’t last long. But with China, with Biden’s acquiescence, it would. It would go further.

Unbearable Truths About Our Current Political Moment

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Sometimes the truth is like mythical kryptonite. It radiates power and yet promises great destruction. And so reality is to be left alone, encased in lead, and kept at bay. Joe Biden himself is not cognitively able to run a presidential campaign. Even if successful, he is not prepared to serve as president. Do they simply shaft the runner-up, nutty socialist Bernie Sanders and his legions of true believers? How could the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the bureaucratic state, academia, and entertainment ever process that reality: that a deity was likely the most corrupt president (Obama) in a generation?

Coexistence with China or Cold War II?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators

Even Vladimir Putin has reason to be suspicious as Beijing looks at the barren but resource-rich lands of Siberia and the Russian Far East China once owned. China is thus a greater rival than the USSR of Stalin and Khrushchev and Brezhnev, but the U.S. is not today the nation of President Ronald Reagan, with its surging economy and ideological conviction. Three decades of post-Cold War foolish and failed democracy-crusading have left this generation not with the conviction and certitude of Cold War America, but with ashes in their mouths and no stomach to spend blood and treasure converting China to our way of life.

Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies

Our friends at FreedomWorks and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity yesterday announced the publication of their new report, Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies. It will come as no surprise that only one Democrat governor earned an "A".  If your Governor did not earned an “A” or a “B” call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened.