Biden’s Ukraine (and China) Problems Will Never Go Away

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

When it comes to Biden, it’s Ukraine, right? They’re the unreliable corrupt ones. Just because Joe plagiarized in law school and several times thereafter doesn’t mean he hasn’t suddenly turned into an honest man. Seemingly out of nowhere, more news has just come from Ukraine. It’s certain that Biden’s “Ukraine problem” is not going to go away. Ditto his China problem, which also involves Hunter. Many claims were made that Trump would be in Putin’s pocket were he elected U.S. president. The reality is, for similar reasons with considerably more actual evidence, electing Biden would be far more dangerous to our country.

American media undercutting Trump’s tense battle with China

Michael Goodwin, New York Post

Even conceding the American media’s hatred of Trump, you might assume the deaths and devastation caused by the coronavirus would at least lead them to view China’s denials of any wrongdoing with suspicion. If you made that assumption, you would be wrong. For the left, Trump and America are to blame. That’s where they begin and end. No other living Republican would dare to face off with China if it meant also standing up to the Times, The Washington Post, CNN and the establishment of both parties. Were it not for Trump, the WHO still would be a revered institution instead of being unmasked as China’s gofer.

End The Sweetheart Deal Joe Biden Gave The Chinese Communists

Since 2013, through a sweetheart deal negotiated by then-Vice President Joe Biden, Chinese companies have been allowed to participate in U.S. stock and bond exchanges without having to fully comply with the same Sarbanes-Oxley Act accounting practices and risk disclosure required of American companies. Now the Committee on the Present Danger: China has launched a campaign demanding the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board:cancel the agreement.

Electing Biden Would Cede the World to China

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

If Biden wins, rollback to that 2014 trip with Hunter. What went on? Well, we don’t know, but we can bet the Chinese do. It’s not hard to imagine what would transpire if Joe were elected, even if there’s nothing on that hard drive or it’s been erased (neither are likely). Joe’s the guy who wanted to go along with the communist Chinese in the first place. “China’s going to eat our lunch? Come on, man.” One of Japan’s leaders put it this way during their heyday: “America will be our farm and Europe our boutique.” That didn’t last long. But with China, with Biden’s acquiescence, it would. It would go further.

Unbearable Truths About Our Current Political Moment

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Sometimes the truth is like mythical kryptonite. It radiates power and yet promises great destruction. And so reality is to be left alone, encased in lead, and kept at bay. Joe Biden himself is not cognitively able to run a presidential campaign. Even if successful, he is not prepared to serve as president. Do they simply shaft the runner-up, nutty socialist Bernie Sanders and his legions of true believers? How could the media, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, the bureaucratic state, academia, and entertainment ever process that reality: that a deity was likely the most corrupt president (Obama) in a generation?

Coexistence with China or Cold War II?

Patrick J. Buchanan, Creators

Even Vladimir Putin has reason to be suspicious as Beijing looks at the barren but resource-rich lands of Siberia and the Russian Far East China once owned. China is thus a greater rival than the USSR of Stalin and Khrushchev and Brezhnev, but the U.S. is not today the nation of President Ronald Reagan, with its surging economy and ideological conviction. Three decades of post-Cold War foolish and failed democracy-crusading have left this generation not with the conviction and certitude of Cold War America, but with ashes in their mouths and no stomach to spend blood and treasure converting China to our way of life.

Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies

Our friends at FreedomWorks and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity yesterday announced the publication of their new report, Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies. It will come as no surprise that only one Democrat governor earned an "A".  If your Governor did not earned an “A” or a “B” call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened.

Civil Disobedience Against Unconstitutional Lockdowns Spreading

Business owners and citizens wishing to exercise their constitutional rights have begun to actively defy the arbitrary and capricious lockdown orders imposed mostly by Democrat governors, city and county officials. Some, such as Maine restauranteur Rick Savage, have been quickly slammed with suspension of their state licenses and other political retaliation. Others, such as California fitness center owner Sean Covell, are readying legal challenges should the state attempt to continue to enforce its unconstitutional orders.

How Democrats Ignored Science To Kill Thousands Of Senior Citizens

New York, California, New Jersey and other liberal states instituted rules that forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients. The next time Democrats claim to be “the Party of science” we hope someone asks them if they believe in the germ theory of disease and if so, why their leading governors sent thousands of coronavirus-infected people to spread those germs to elderly nursing home patients, killing more than 10,000 of them.

The negative impact of lockdown on hospitals during the pandemic

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

All of us, including politicians and the medical establishment, have been behind the coronavirus eight-ball because of the nefarious actions and coverup by China. Now, the decision to go into a complete lockdown is proving to have been injurious to the very institution that it was supposed to save: The hospital and medical infrastructure. We will need a Sept. 11th-type commission to assess what went wrong and what went right. We have also learned that even politicians and medical experts are only human. It reminds us why the Founders made us the sovereign with the duty of overseeing those who would dare to think they know better than us.

China Deserves Stringent Financial Penalties for Its Role in the COVID-19 Outbreak

Stephen Moore, The Epoch Times

Sen. Marsha Blackburn proposes that the Treasury Department should stop repayment or interest payments on the $1.1 trillion Treasury bonds owned by China. Some of my colleagues will argue that this retaliatory action of nonpayment would cause an international furor. There is no shortage of demand for our debt, which is why 30-year Treasury bonds are selling for about 1.3 percent interest. China needs to learn that its constant violation of the laws will not be tolerated. Blackburn may be on to something here. Trump used to say that China is laughing behind our backs, but this move would turn its laughter into a self-righteous rage. Bring it on.

Trump Should Not Let Red China Keep Laughing At Us

Our friend Frank Gaffney has proposed a proven avenue by which President Trump can block another Red Chinese raid on American capital markets.  We urge CHQ readers to call the White House (202-456-1111) to tell President Trump it's time to invoke the International Economic Emergency Powers Act to prohibit US military and US government civilian retirement funds from being invested in Communist China by Blackrock’s Larry Fink.

Up For A New Cold War—With China?

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Why should the U.S. Navy risk a clash by making us a party to quarrels halfway around the world? Vietnam is a country of 95 million people. Like China, it is also Communist. The Philippines have more than 7,000 islands and 100 million people. Indonesia has 17,000 to 18,000 islands and is the fourth-most populous nation on earth with 267 million citizens. Cannot the nations that share the South China Sea with China acquire coastal navies to defend their own waters? The independence and borders of these states is undeniably vital to them. But how is that vital to us, on the other side of the Pacific? This is power politics, pure and simple.

What to Do About China And Its American Lackeys

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

China is largely to blame for the Wuhan Flu pandemic. Most of all, we need to get serious about this conflict, and it is a conflict. We tend to see other people from our own perspective. We are reasonable, fair, and just. But communists are none of those things. These red bastards exploit the patriotism of the Chinese people – who have every right to seek prosperity and freedom – to consolidate power and turn the spotlight off their own manifest failures and tyrannies. We need to get woke, as the hep kids say, woke to the fact that the Mao pals are bad people and we better understand that before one morning we wake up with their boot on our neck forever.

Pandemic Is but One of America’s Security Concerns

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

When the crisis began, the U.S. was facing a possible $1 trillion annual deficit, as Donald Trump followed the Bush and Obama red-ink legacy. The need to restore instant liquidity to the devastated U.S. economy may cause the budget deficit to hit a historic $3 trillion or more this year. Such a staggering sum is bearable only because of near-zero interest rates and a global recession that has strangled consumer spending. But soon the U.S. will have a rendezvous with a tough payback unless it accepts that thrifty Americans will never again receive real interest on their savings accounts and that inflation is extinct forever — both dubious propositions.

Call Your Senators, Demand They Confirm Michael Pack To Head The U.S. Agency For Global Media

The Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044), call your Senators and Senator Risch TODAY – demand they confirm Michael Pack and don’t take the epidemic as an excuse for inaction because getting the U.S. Agency for Global Media into the battle with China is a reason to confirm Pack, not an excuse for further delay in filling this important position.

US Must Take Back Pharma Production From China

Rachel Bovard, Daily Caller

It’s worth exploring how to restore America’s critical pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities. With regard to China in particular, it has exposed just how dependent we are on an adversary for the basic health resources of our population.Whatever the approach, the coronavirus outbreak has made clear that this is a problem that must be taken seriously. America has become too reliant on an adversary for fundamental needs. And because of it, China has the ability to cut off the export of critical drugs on which millions of Americans rely. They’ve already made the threat, and they know it’s a credible one. This should never be allowed to happen again.

Join Conservative Leaders Opposing Larry Fink’s $7 Trillion Plan To Push Corporate America Even Further Left

79 conservative leaders have posted an open letter to BlackRock, Inc. CEO Larry Fink, opposing his plan to leverage BlackRock's $7 trillion portfolio to promote Leftwing causes that are entirely unmoored from the interests of corporate shareholders. You can add your name to the list of those opposed to putting the interests of Red China and Leftwing social engineering ahead of shareholder value by going to and signing the letter.

Xi Jinping's COVID-19 failures reveal how low Chinese leaders will sink to retain power

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, Washington Times

Mao’s “Great Leap” has devolved into Xi’s Great Charade, but communism’s brutal devices remain much the same. This time, the dissidents are doctors and lawyers, and the tanks in Tiananmen Square have been replaced by a smaller, silent threat. The depths to which Beijing will sink to retain its grasp on power are well known; but even now, in the face of a second outbreak, CCP officials persist with systemic repression, censorship and outright thuggery to control the flow of information. The façade protecting Beijing’s communist petty tyrants has crumbled, revealing an illegitimate nation that survives by virtue of its disregard for human life.

Recognize Taiwan to Punish China for the Novel Coronavirus

Roger L. Simon, The Epoch Times

There is a punishment that costs virtually nothing and would likely be far more potent on the psychological/emotional level. The United States should abandon the one-China policy that has been in place for decades and recognize Taiwan (aka Republic of China). This would strike at the heart of the CCP’s self-image, humiliating and weakening them in the eyes of the world. It would, in essence, put Communist China in its place and likely even have economic ramifications, making their “Belt-and-Road” initiative less attractive to nations around the globe. Taiwan is now a functioning democracy off the coast of the world’s most populace totalitarian state.