Normalizing Religious Persecution

Two days ago, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi extermination camp at Auschwitz, Poland garnered prominent press coverage, but today it is almost impossible to find any mention in the media of the Holocaust and that singular crime against the Jewish people. What's more, this media silence on religious persecution seems to apply to religiously motivated attacks on people no matter what their faith.

Why Sunday, November 3rd Matters

November 3 is International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church. We should not just pray for those Christians elsewhere in the world, but for the persecuted church in America. For centuries America has been a beacon of religious liberty. Her lighthouse is now under assault.

Our Bankrupt Nomenklatura

Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness

Take all the signature brand names that the Baby Boomers inherited from prior generations—Harvard, Yale, the New York Times, NPR, CNN, the Oscars, the NFL, the NBA, the FBI, the CIA, the Rockefeller and Ford foundations, and a host of others. And then ask whether they enhanced or diminished such inheritances? Where you live, what school branded you, what title, past and present, you can parlay, whom you know, and whom you married somehow have ended up far more important than what you actually have done. They remind one of played out “senators” from the last generations of the Roman Empire. What explains the bankruptcy of the elite?

Tell Mitt Romney to Stop Colluding with Democrats!

Romney’s politically motivated attacks on President Trump only serve to embolden the leftist Democrats’ outrageous and illegitimate witch hunt against the President which undermines his pro-growth economic agenda, his non-interventionist foreign policy and his pro-life and pro-family domestic policy.

Is America Becoming Sinicized?

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

Why are we becoming more like China than China is like us? China does not fool around. China always channels the victimization myth that supposedly oppressed nonwhite peoples cannot themselves be oppressors. There wasn’t a single major Western politician who warned the world of a frightening, Chinese-dominated future — one in which the West turned into China rather than China into the West. The single figure who finally issued such a warning, brash Donald Trump — without prior military or political experience — was as loudly and publicly damned as he was privately and quietly admired for doing so.

Dem Front Runner Warren Agrees With Trump On Trade And Middle East Wars

One of the more bizarre elements of last night’s Democratic presidential “debate” was how much the leading Democrat – Senator Elizabeth Warren – agrees with President Trump, especially on endless Middle East wars and the effects of trade on American workers.

The NBA Grovels to China

L. Brent Bozell III and Tim Graham, CNS News

China is a huge and lucrative market for the NBA. If business means turning your back on freedom while defending one of the most brutally repressive regimes in human history — so be it. Meanwhile, nobody's found Colin Kaepernick saying anything about China's grip on the NBA. The man with the Nike sneaker-selling slogan of "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything." is silent while Nike orders the removal of all the Houston Rockets merchandise from their stories in China. Apparently, America is still the most horrible country in the world that was founded on racism, slavery and genocide.

Censorious Chinese talk the language of US campus liberals, hopefully horrifying them

Editors, Washington Examiner

The censorious arguments from Beijing’s defenders sound like they could come from campus leftists or appear on the pages of America's liberals magazines. But the American Left is no warmer to China's strong-arm efforts than is the American Right. American liberals who cheered the political activism of NBA celebrities are now audibly lamenting their silence. There's plenty of reason to worry that parts of the American Left are abandoning the principles of pluralism, tolerance, and free speech. Here's hoping that some censorious intolerance from China is stirring up these old principles and putting the liber- back into American liberals.

Where's Hunter?

The same year that Barack Obama and Joe Biden took over the White House in 2009, a general partnership formed that brought together Hunter Biden, son of then-Vice President Joe Biden, Christopher Heinz, stepson of then-Sen. John Kerry (later to be Secretary of State), and Devon Archer, a classmate of Heinz’s from Yale. What did Hunter Biden put into the partnership except his father's name?

The NBA’s Hypocrisy Over China And Charlotte Is Astounding

David Marcus, The Federalist

The hypocritical NBA should not reward the illiberal and authoritarian Chinese government for its censorship policies while announcing a free for all on conservative political policies in the free United Sates. The NBA may well see itself as an ambassador for America and its values around the world, but when it defies those values to give comfort to dictators it also serves as an ambassador from China to the US. It sends the message, China is just a country, just like any other, there’s nothing wrong with China, and that is vastly more valuable to the communist government than any basketball game.

China + The Liberal Elite: Get A Room

Kurt Schlichter, Townhall

The NBA is just the latest willing serfcorp to go crawling to their Eastern masters. The tech overlords have been helping the Chinese police state do its thought policing for years. What do you want to bet that cheap Chinese crap you buy at Walmart is made by Uighur with a chain around his ankle? And Hollywood? The creative types used to fume when they got notes from smarmy suits in LA. Now they’re delighted to follow the commands of the Ministry of Proper Thoughts in Beijing. It’s not a question of whether our elite can be bought. They can. Like the man said, we have established what they are. The only question is the price.

American Blunder: Throwing Open Our Markets to China

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative

Among the epochal blunders America has committed since the end of the Cold War, three stand out. The first was our disastrous plunge into the Middle East to create regimes oriented to the West. The second was the expansion of NATO to the front porch of Russia, driving the largest nation on earth, and one of its most formidable nuclear powers, into the arms of China. The third was to throw open America’s markets to Chinese goods on favorable terms, which led to the enrichment and empowerment of a regime whose long-term threat to U.S. interests and values is as great as was that of the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Tell Romney, Sasse And Collins To Stop Their Virtue Signaling Attacks On Trump

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call Senators Romney, Sasse and Collins to tell them to stop virtue signaling about President Trump and to support an investigation into the gross corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden.

How China 'Woke' America

Victor Davis Hanson, National Review

What finally woke America up were two unforeseen developments. First, the Chinese overreached and systematically began militarizing neutral islands in the South China Sea. They derided international commercial treaties. Second, Donald Trump got elected president, all the while screaming that the Chinese emperor had no clothes. The cheerleaders finally listened and admitted that China had been buck naked after all. Now we will learn whether America woke up just in time or too late. Either way, no one will credit the loud Trump for warning that China was threatening not just the U.S. but the world as we have known it.

Live Action Proves Facebook Censorship Of Pro-Lifers

Not only did Facebook fail to get disinterested perspectives, they appear to have gone out of their way to find pro-abortion activists whose public opposition to pro-life views is indisputable. This is clear evidence of bias and discrimination against Live Action's over three million strong Facebook community members and an outrageous act of censorship on the part of Facebook.

Election 2020: Will America Be the New China?

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media

From Big Tech to Hollywood to our media to our campuses to the campaign rhetoric of virtually every Democratic candidate, we are moving toward a homogenization of thought and action that is, well, Chinese communist in style and ultimately in content. Apocalyptic as it may sound, if you love freedom, election 2020 is becoming the last chance to stem the tide. There is no alternative, not even remotely. In any case, judging a politician by his or her personality is a boring and subjective enterprise. With Western civilization in the balance, voting against a candidate because you think a tweet is crude is nothing short of idiotic.

Trump Is Right on the China Threat

Ben Shapiro, The Daily Wire

The United States must be pursuing a thorough strategy of opposition to China's ambitions. Trump seems to understand this. But if he fails to articulate that to the American people, his economic war with China will fail. That's because if the American people are asked to shoulder an economic burden without being informed as to the rationale or the cost, they will rightly buck. Trump hasn't explained that the burden exists, let alone why the American people should shoulder it. With that said, at least Trump recognizes the threat China represents. The chattering class has ignored that threat, to the detriment of the United States and her allies.

Silicon Valley’s Corporate Totalitarianism Growing

The most disturbing attribute of a corporate social credit system is not that it’s invasive, but that it’s extralegal. Crimes are punished outside the legal system, which means no presumption of innocence, no legal representation, no judge, no jury, and often no appeal says tech and society commentator Mike Elgan.

Trump can see Greenland from his house

Sarah Palin, Breitbart

It’s precisely because of Greenland’s strategic location that we put our northernmost military base there. The Thule Air Force base is crucial to our nation’s missile defense system. Again, is it any wonder why China is so eager to get a foothold in Greenland? As William Seward knew when he purchased Alaska from the Russians, controlling a strategic location allows the United States to establish a forward base and prevent our enemies from doing the same. So, as a matter of national security as well as economic prosperity, it makes sense for the United States to have a strong footprint in Greenland.

Buying Greenland: Trump haters mock the idea, but China is paying attention

Tammy Bruce, Washington Times

The usual panic from the jealous chattering class over Greenland once again reveals the Democrats and envious Trump haters’ biggest unforced error — constantly underestimating Donald Trump. This requires deliberately maintaining a remarkable ignorance about the economic and national security issues we face as a nation. In 2017, Greenland’s prime minister flew to China and asked, “Chinese state-run banks to finance the new commercial airports." While Democrats and resisters continue to chase their tails, it would serve them well to stop and admit that American exceptionalism is back. For everyone.