Chris Christie is Not a Conservative

Just Say NO To Chris Christie As VP

Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman

Part 1 of a 3-part article on who Trump shouldn't choose as his VP, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie says to close the deal with right-of-center voters, Donald Trump's choice of Vice President is the clearest and most important signal he can send to conservatives that he will govern as a conservative. Which is why the continued presence of New Jersey’s liberal Republican Governor Chris Christie on Trump’s short list for VP is so bizarre – Christie is the antithesis of what conservatives are looking for in a Republican candidate for President or Vice President.

GOP Establishment Candidates Pile Up in N.H. Traffic Jam

Rebecca Berg, Real Clear Politics

None of the establishment candidates has been able to harness a breakthrough moment, nor has one collected the lion’s share of key endorsements. Each has remained relatively static in polls, in the high single digits or low double digits. Sen. Marco Rubio, who is also chasing some of the same Republican voters, is in the same mire. It is the political equivalent of the prisoner’s dilemma: Because each thinks he can win, all of them might lose.

Dick Morris To Christie Drop Out Already!

Dick Morris, NewsMax

Polling data out this past weekend shows what a train wreck Christie's campaign has been: The ABC News poll has him at just 2 percent. Last week the Farleigh Dickinson University poll of New Jersey voters have their “hometown” governor in an embarrassing fourth place – trailing badly behind Trump, Carson and Rubio.

Fox Undercard: Jindal Shines, No One Missed Graham Or Pataki

The Fox Business “undercard” showed once again the depth of the Republican bench this presidential cycle, but it was Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal's night as he cut to the heart of the conservative arguement against Big Government Republicanism and proved once again that the only thing holding him back has been the money and organization necessary to get that message out to the voters the networks have been polling to set the roster for the big stage.

Chris Christie vs. Rand Paul

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

The dust-up between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul over presidential fidelity to the Constitution — particularly the Fourth Amendment — was the most illuminating two minutes of the Republican debate last week.

Chris Christie, Ted Cruz tangle continues

Asbury Park (NJ) Press

Cruz in a radio interview Tuesday said he “is going to sing Chris Christie’s praises’’ despite being criticized by Christie during a Fox News appearance.

Christie blasts Cruz for opposing establishment GOP senators

Jonathan D. Salant,

Gov. Chris Christie, who has not been shy about criticizing his rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, called out U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Monday for supporting the Senate Conservatives Fund, a group challenging sitting GOP senators.

Remember when Chris Christie was going to be our next president?

Linda Feldman, Christian Science Monitor

Four years ago, donors begged Governor Christie of New Jersey to run. Then Bridgegate brought him low. On Tuesday, he announces his presidential campaign and has nowhere to go but up.

Report: Christie accused of breaking grand jury law

Nick Gass, Politico

Fallout from Bridgegate continues to plague New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. David Wildstein, the former Port Authority official who pleaded guilty for his role in the closure of access lanes on the George Washington Bridge, wrote in a sworn statement last week that the governor broke the law by revealing information about a grand jury proceeding he had overseen, The New York Times reported late Sunday.

Can Christie Turn Flip-Flops Into Assets?

Rebecca Berg, RCP

Christie is confronting a problem many other first-time presidential candidates have already faced, or soon will: reconciling his past policy positions with the current political landscape. In recent weeks, Christie has publicly amended his stances on immigration reform, education policy, and trade, in each case taking a more conservative turn. 

Christie charming voters, who still worry about ‘Bridgegate’

Jill Colvin, AP

In the middle of a crowd at a brick-walled bar in Dover, Chris Christie is at ease, charming several hundred beer-drinking New Hampshire voters, when he decides to take a final question. In an instant, the mood changes as Eileen Sahagian says she was “beyond horrified” by the role his aides are accused of playing in creating traffic jams near a busy bridge to punish a mayor who declined to endorse his re-election. “I’m worried about having a president who has people around him who think that that’s OK,” she said.

Bush, Christie, Trump top ‘can’t support’ lists in early primary states

Seth McLaughlin - The Washington Times

Jeb Bush may be running at the top of the GOP presidential preference polls nationally, but the former Florida governor is also near the top of another survey: the can’t-support list. The former Florida governor, along with current New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and businessman Donald Trump, all have their admirers, but in some cases they have even more detractors — voters who say, no matter what, they’ll never be able to support that candidate in a primary.

Will Chris Christie Have a Comeback?

ELIANA JOHNSON, National Review

“Listen, I will come back to New Hampshire,” Chris Christie tells the crowd of about 150 Granite Staters packed into Shooters Pub on Friday evening. Shooters Pub is a hole-in-the-wall nestled in a residential area of Exeter, population 14,000. It’s connected, through a door, to a twelve-lane bowling alley that’s been around since 1946. It’s in venues like this that the Chris Christie comeback tour (as everybody is calling it), underway for a while now, is taking place.

Christie town hall meeting in New Hampshire takes on national tone

Melissa Hayes,

The differences in stagecraft between Christie’s first town hall-style event in New Hampshire Wednesday and the 134 he’s held so far in New Jersey – 135 counting Thursday’s event in Hasbrouck Heights – were mostly subtle. But there was one major, distinguishing factor: Christie faced pointed questions on federal policy and national programs instead of the usual, parochial New Jersey concerns. Sometimes his answers were very specific, like his opposition to taking Cuba off the state-sponsored terror list and his support for vaccinations. But others were vague with promises of more details to come.

Christie creamed in two more polls

Paul Mulshine, The (NJ) Star Ledger

Walker and Bush are occupying the space Christie was supposed to occupy - the reforming Republican governor who could get mainstream support and money.

Christie losing home-state donors as Bush makes inroads

Matea Gold and Robert Costa, Washington Post

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is rapidly losing support among some of his most prominent home-state donors and power brokers, who are either hesitant to back him or shifting allegiance to former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Christie's Pick in NH GOP Primary Is Pro-Choice

Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics

Christie campaigns in support of Walt Havenstein, a self-described “pro-choice Republican." Havenstein is running in a contested gubernatorial primary against a pro-life candidate, Andrew Hemingway, a GOP activist and strategist who ran Newt Gingrich’s 2012 presidential campaign in the state. 

Christie Angers Conservatives w/ Court Pick

Sean Sullivan, Washington Post

Conservatives are upset that Chris Christie renominated the Dem. chief justice of the NJ Supreme Court Stuart Rabner. Rabner, an appointee of Gov. Jon Corzine wrote an opinion for the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Christie Abandoned by Conservatives

Tony Lee, Breitbart

To survive a potential GOP primary--if he even makes it there--and what will be thrown at him in a potential general election from the left and the MSM if he were to get the nomination, Christie will need a conservative base that is a lot more fired up than it is about him now. Perhaps that's why CPAC invited him this year.

Christie to Sign Version of 'Dream Act' Into Law

Vaughn Hillyard,

Gov. Chris Christie said he would sign a version of the “Dream Act” into state law. The move will offer undocumented immigrant students in-state tuition, but will not allow them to receive state financial aid.