Christians persecuted for their religious beliefs

The End of Christianity in the Middle East

Eliza Griswold, The New York Times

For more than a decade, extremists have targeted Christians and other minorities, who often serve as stand-ins for the West. This was especially true in Iraq after the U.S. invasion, which caused hundreds of thousands to flee. ‘‘Since 2003, we’ve lost priests, bishops and more than 60 churches were bombed,’’ Bashar Warda, the Chaldean Catholic archbishop of Erbil, said. 

Americans Strongly Support Religious Liberty: #IWillNotBeCompelled

Christians, Jews and others who share the belief that marriage is between one man and one woman should prepare for a new round of government-backed compulsion and persecution at the hands of an intolerant secular liberal minority. To build solidarity for religious liberty and opposition to government compelled participation in same-sex “weddings” and other activities contrary to traditional Judeo-Christian values we urge CHQ readers to adopt the social media hashtag #IWillNotBeCompelled. 

Religious Persecution: First Freedom Remains Under Global Siege

Christians continue to be the most persecuted faith, and were penalized or harassed in various ways in 102 countries in 2013. Jews suffer disproportionately, targeted in 77 nations yet making up just .2 percent of the world’s population. The Middle East, dominated by Muslim states, shows the greatest tendency toward persecution and intolerance. 

CO Civil Rights Comm. Compares Christian Baker to Nazis

Rick Moran, American Thinker

A shocking revelation in a brief filed by Alliance Defending Freedom on behalf of the CO baker Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Bakery who refused to supply a wedding cake to a gay couple & was cited by the CO Civil Rights Comm.