Clinton Cash

The Clintons Corrupt Everything They Touch

Until Democrats rid themselves of the Clintons, and stop covering for them, the Democratic Party cannot be considered a legitimate political party; it is merely one cog in a vast conspiracy to justify and cover up the Clintons' crimes.

Critics doubt Clinton Foundation's pledge to curb foreign donations

Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner

Bill Clinton's announcement that his eponymous collection of charities would refuse foreign and corporate donations should Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump in November came amid renewed scrutiny of the foundation's ever-growing donor rolls. Recently released emails revealed Clinton Foundation donors were provided special access to Hillary Clinton's senior staff in the early months of her tenure.

Watch ‘Clinton Cash’ Because What’s a Few Billion Between Friends?

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

The Clintons sold us out–sold America out–to enrich themselves. There’s no doubt of that.

Reporter Who Offered To Give Bill Clinton Oral Sex Calls "Clinton Cash" Author "Right-Wing Hatchet Man"

Real Clear Politics

On Thursday's broadcast of MSNBC's The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell, journalist Nina Burleigh dismissed the Peter Schweizer, the author of the highly-anticipated upcoming book Clinton Cash, as a "right-wing hatchet man." Burleigh said "it's not good" that major newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post had to "farm out" their work. Burleigh argued the outlets could have done the investigative work on their own because "[the] material is already out there."