Colin Powell

Scenes From The Ruling Class

George Neumayr, The American Spectator

As his hacked e-mails show, Colin Powell is just as low and pathetic as anyone else in politics. The “adult in the room” turns out to be an entitled fraud at his keyboard, regaling fellow members of the ruling class about his “mini-tantrum” at a Hamptons party and the like while gossiping about bimbos and lost speaking fees.

Emails Undercut Pro-Hillary Journo’s Claims About Powell-Clinton Dinner Party

Chuck Ross, Daily Caller

A hacker released a trove of Powell’s personal emails late Tuesday which support the retired general’s claims to not remember an email discussion at the dinner party, which was held at former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright’s home in June 2009.

Colin Powell Summarizes Hillary Clinton In One Sentence

Everything Hillary Clinton touches she does screw up with hubris, and she has this sense of entitlement because the normal institutions of American politics and government have been so corrupted that they are unwilling to act as a governor on her ambitions.

Hillary Clinton’s Criminal Intent

In a column for The American Thinker, “Hillary’s Email Testimony, Powell’s Facts and Mens Rea” our colleague attorney Mark J. Fitzgibbons analyzes Colin Powell’s role in Mrs. Clinton’s “story” of how she came to use her notorious private email server and finds further evidence of Clinton’s criminal intent.

Colin Powell Backs Single-Payer System

RIght Scoop Staff

Colin Powell says he’s not an expert on health care, but thinks America should do single-payer health care because America is wealthy enough to do it.