Congressional Exemption from Obamacare

Did Your Congressman Exempt His Staff?

Alexis Levinson, Daily Caller

David Vitter, who fought to put all staff on the OCare exchanges, introduced legislation Thursday requiring members to publicize which staffers they opted to keep on the current fed. employee health plan, and which staffers were going on the exchanges.

Senate GOP Establishment Drops Its Guns and Runs

Call your Senators NOW (the Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044) and tell them reject any deal that keeps ObamaCare subsidies for Congress, gives Big Labor a pass on ObamaCare and increases spending by doing away with the sequestration.

Of Course Democrats Lie About Their Obamacare Privileges

Democratic Senator Mark Pryor voted to keep his special Obamacare subsidy, while his principled limited government constitutional conservative opponent, Tom Cotton, voted to end the special Obamacare subsidy for Congress. So why is Pryor not owning-up to his vote?

The Obscene Hypocrisy of Obamacare’s Congressional Waiver

If Republicans will just put the issue of Congressional waivers and ending special exemptions for Washington insiders front and center in everything they do and say about Obamacare they can harness the rage people out in real America are feeling into an irresistible political force that will sweep all before it.

Beltway Lies of Obamacare War

Patrick J. Buchanan, Human Events

Every Republican should be out front in the press with a simple message: We have twice voted to fund every gov't agency and program (save Obamacare) in a single CR. We'll proceed now to pass CRs for each dep't, separately. And if Reid’s Senate refuses to pass them, who then is shutting down NIH and the FDA?

Senate Nixes OCare Delay; Gov't Closes

Tony Lee, Breitbart

After the House passed a short-term resolution to fund the gov't with amendments attached that would delay Obamacare's individual mandate for a year and prevent those in Congress and the Executive Branch from receiving Obamacare subsidies, the Senate rejected it by a 54-46 party-line vote, sending a stripped resolution back to the House hours before a partial gov't shutdown is set to take place