House Leaders’ Glaring Farm Failure

Jake Sherman and John Bresnahan, Politico

Farm state Repubs are furious, but the leadership is now considering a more conservative bill.

Sorry Marco, You’ve Lost Our Trust

"You can’t unring a bell.” In the future, Senator Rubio may fight alongside conservatives for “real tax reform, lowering the debt, balancing our budget, reducing regulations, rolling back job-killing environmental policies and repealing the disaster of Obamacare,” and to defend “the sanctity of life and traditional marriage,” but it won’t be as a trusted ally.

Palin: Primary Ayotte and Rubio

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Sarah Palin thinks Senators Ayotte & Rubio should be made to answer for their amnesty flip-flops.

Does the GOP Really Need Amnesty?

Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

In Part II of the series, Trende demonstrates the GOP can remain a national party without amnesty.

GOP’s Future in Libertarian Hands

Anthony Furey, Human Events

Beating back big government is the message the party can use to win over a skeptical electorate.

The GOP’s Immigration Debacle

Jonah Goldberg, National Review Online

Democrats are falling into line on immigration, but Republicans are in no mood to follow orders.

SCOTUS Inflames Culture War By Overruling We The People On Marriage

If the Supreme Court says Congress can’t define marriage, and the voters of California can’t define marriage because their elected officials don’t agree with the voters’ decision, the only way to bring the debate over the definition of marriage to a conclusion satisfactory to conservatives is to step up the culture war to ensure that we elect only those who will stand for traditional marriage as Governors, state Attorneys General, and President of the United States.

Is Rubio Amnesty Bill Really DOA In The House?

We would like to take Senator Paul’s word for it that the Gang of Eight bill is DOA in the House, but the fact of the matter is, the only people who can make sure it is dead in the House – and stays dead – are you, the conservative voters of America. Please stake out a spot at the end of the Fourth of July parade route to buttonhole your Congressman to let him or her know that you want border security – not amnesty – and that you oppose the Gang of Eight bill.

Media’s Shameful Abortion Coverage

David Harsanyi, Human Events

Nothing reveals the media’s bias more than coverage of the House ‘Pain-Capable Unborn’ Act.

Why John Roberts Was Wrong

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator

Sen. Mike Lee's inexpensive, easy to read, short, important new book presents the conservative case.

Even Squishy Repub. Donors Hesitant

Matea Gold, Washington Post

MSM wants you to think conservatives give to Rove groups. They don’t. Squishes are withholding too.

Colonization of 21st Century America

Timothy Birdnow, American Thinker

The elites are importing an alien people to reduce the stubbornness and independence of Americans.

Immigration Reform’s Fatal Flaw

Sen. Rand Paul, Washington Times

Paul says border security must come first, and he’ll work with House members to make sure of it.

T Party Mistakes Compounded Abuse

Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart

IRS targeting didn’t help, but the Tea Party’s lack of leadership was its worst flaw of 2012.

Tea Party vs. Amnesty

Betsy Woodruff, National Review Online

Tea Party leaders are comparing the Gang of Eight bill to Obamacare in terms of federal overreach.

K St. Stunned at Farm Bill Defeat

Erik Wasson, The Hill

A thing of beauty: lobbyists whining over a slight hiccup in their big government gravy train.

House Conservatives Preparing To Battle Rubio Immigration Bill

In light of the Gang of Eight’s latest phony “compromise” on border security – we call it a phony compromise because it was the Gang compromising with itself, not with one of the bill’s critics, such as Senator Ted Cruz or Senator Jeff Sessions -- House conservatives are gearing-up for battle.


M. Stanton Evans' critique of the Gang of Eight immigration bill, and exposure of the liberal interest groups behind Senator Marco Rubio’s attempt to scam conservatives into supporting it, should carry special weight with movement conservatives.

The Rand Paul Moment

Rich Lowry, Politico

True, the issues seem to be breaking his way, but there’s also an “interesting” quality about him.

GOP Leads in Criminal Justice Reform

Neil King, Jr., Wall Street Journal

Is the prison reform push our most vital social reform effort since the ‘70’s Pro-Life movement?