Constitution Day

Sen. Tom Cotton: Immigration In The National Interest

On September 18, 2017 Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) delivered the address at Hillsdale College’s Eighth Annual Constitution Day Celebration. His address “Immigration in the National Interest” is one of the most powerful analyses we have seen of why President Trump won the election and the power of economic nationalism.

America's Forgotten Birthday

Ed Feulner,

Wwhy does Sept. 17 come and go with so little notice? That’s the date our Constitution was signed in 1787. Considering how profoundly it altered our nation and shaped our destiny, we should be marking Constitution Day with as much pomp and circumstance as we do Independence Day. The Declaration, after all, gave birth to our nation, but the Constitution raised it and gave it its unique and immutable character.

A lesson plan for Constitution Day

William J. Watkins, Jr., The Hill

Constitution Day, although itself unconstitutional, provides local governments and educational institutions a chance to teach the people about First Principles and how the federal government has claimed virtually unlimited authority.  Let’s make those lessons count!

Why The Constitution Is So Important

Daniel Horowitz, Breitbart

As the midterm elections cast a heavy shadow over the political discourse, Constitution Day should remind us that our elections are as meaningful as those conducted in the Middle East unless we demand that those elected officials return to our founding principles.

Mark Levin to Endorse Ken Cuccinelli at Constitution Day Rally

"He’s going to have my wholehearted full endorsement and support. This is what we need in this country — statesmen, leaders. Not the next in line. Cuccinelli is the guy." — Mark Levin