Darren Wilson

Does Your Congressman Think Police Officers Are Pigs?

Pushing the false narrative that the shooting of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson was unjustified isn’t art, it’s Far Left propaganda that has no place in the US Capitol.

The Ferguson “Race War”

The Left and those who share the notion that justice must be tailored to the special political circumstances of each case, want to use the death of Michael Brown to establish a system of “justice” based on the politics of race, economics and ideology, not law. 

Levin: Who Spread Story That Michael Brown Was Shot While Surrendering?

Right Scoop Staff

Mark Levin says we were told initially that Mike Brown was essentially executed by a cop even though he was surrendering, and it was quickly blamed on race despite the fact that most reasonable people knew better. And yet to this day there is ZERO evidence that this had anything to do with race.

Evidence Suggests Ferguson Cop Beaten Badly Before Shooting

Douglas Ernst, Washington Times

Michael Brown allegedly beat Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson so badly that the he suffered an orbital fracture and was nearly unconscious before firing his weapon, a source told Fox News Wed. The unarmed teenager was killed by gunfire Aug. 9.

The Wrong Response to Ferguson, Missouri

Richard Nixon's "law and order" campaign is in no way a principled conservative response to the killing of Michael Brown and the riots in Ferguson, Missouri.