Dave Brat

For House Majority Whip We Back Stutzman Over Scalise and Roskam

The contest for House Majority Whip is not between Reps Steve Scalise, Peter Roskam and some hypothetical perfect conservative. It is between Scalise, Roskam and the only candidate in the race with a record of standing for conservative principles when the chips are down – Marlin Stutzman.

'TAKEOVER' Predicted Eric Cantor's Loss

ConservativeHQ's chairman Richard A. Viguerie's new conservative manifesto, "Takeover," foreshadowed the downfall of the Republican Party Establishment and how conservatives like Dave Brat would rise to reinstate the power of the grassroots. Order TAKEOVER today to find out how to elect more conservatives and reclaim America.

Cantor Loss Gives Repubs. Chance to Become People's Party

Timothy P. Carney, Washington Examiner

R's should take a cue from the voters of Virginia’s 7th District and forget about the big banks. Cantor's defeat is the opportunity for the GOP to declare independence from Wall Street. Let the bankers flock to Hillary Clinton and Schumer.

Why The Media Missed The Dave Brat Story

Matt K. Lewis, Daily Caller

The nat'l media missed this story is because anyone using prudent business logic to drive their assignment & reporting decisions would have missed this story. In a world of limited resources, you marshal your resources to where you get the most return on investment.

Dem: GOP Ignores Tea Party at Its Peril

Greg Richter, NewsMax

Dem. strategist Donna Brazile says the GOP estab. should pay attention to Eric Cantor's loss. "The tea party's still highly caffeinated," Brazile said.

End the GOP Establishment’s Arrogance of Power: Support Raul Labrador for House Majority Leader

We are backing Raul Labrador not just because we want a more conservative House Republican leadership, but because we also want an end to the arrogance of power that led to Eric Cantor’s defeat.


Greg Corombos, WND

“In Dave Brat, we had a first-class candidate. We have a first-class candidate running against an incumbent in Mississippi, Chris McDaniel. I think he’s going to win. The VA & MS elections send a message to high-quality conservatives out there, ‘Let me take a chance against the king; it’s been done before with success."


Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Eric Cantor lost to the modern Gipper, Dave Brat. Make no mistake. The Tea Party is not dead, and Reagan conservatism lives.

Amnesty Activists Stormed Cantor’s HQ After Concession Speech

Jim Hoft, The Gateway Pundit

Adding insult to injury, a group of far left immigration amnesty activists stormed Eric Cantor’s election night headquarters after his loss to Dave Brat.


Matthew Boyle, Breitbart

The mainstream media and GOP Estab. seem to think that nothing like the Cantor loss will happen ever again. But Cantor's defeat could (and likely will) fuel grassroots uprisings against Cochran, Pat Roberts, Landreiu, and Lamar Alexander.

Dave Brat Flusters the Establishment

J. R. Dunn, American Thinker

Illegal immigration also marks one of the gravest fault lines between grassroots and establishment conservatives. David Brat has already provided a valuable service by forcing postponement of any “amnesty” vote until some point in the dim future, and there is nothing that can change that.

Eric Cantor’s Rising Star Flames Out

David Keene, The Washington Times

Cantor lost his seat because he failed to realize that a congressman perceived by those he is elected to represent as out of touch and more concerned with getting along in Washington than representing their wishes had better watch his back.

Dave Brat Wins One for Federalist 44

Mark J. Fitzgibbons, American Thinker

Dave Brat, who seems to eschew labels, is smart enough to understand that Washington abandoned adherence to the Constitution, and the consequences have been harmful. That's the essence of the constitutional conservative movement, which is attacked as politically naïve, ideological and worse.

Viguerie Letter Helps Dave Brat Rally Grassroots Army Against Eric Cantor

CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie's help in mobilizing Virginia's conservative grassroots through two effective letters that got to the heart of the matter: Eric Cantor doesn't speak for us and we're going to make him (and the Washington, D.C. establishment) listen. The letters revealed why Cantor's victorious opponent, conservative activist and professor Dave Brat, rightfully won.

Stunner: Cantor Upset Changes Everything

Christina Bellantoni, David Hawkings, Matt Fuller, and Daniel Newhauser, Roll Call

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor conceded his Virg. seat to a local activist after a stunning loss (Brat got 56%) with dramatic consequences for leadership.

Eric Cantor Should Resign Immediately As House Majority Leader

Who you walk with says a lot about who you are. To repair the damage Eric Cantor has done to the conservative coalition Republicans must maintain to win elections, House Republicans should be looking for a Majority Leader who walks with conservatives and who is engaged with and has the respect of principled limited government constitutional conservatives on and off the Hill. UPDATE: The media now reports that Cantor will resign as leader.

CHQ Helped Energize Virginia Patriots to Send a Message to DC GOP: Eric Cantor Vaporized

Dr. Dave Brat’s campaign was a true grassroots campaign. ConservativeHQ.com Chairman Richard Viguerie lent his name and marketing expertise to a series of potent email pitches that hit over 15,000 Virginia 7 Republican in-boxes in the days leading up to the election to support the efforts of the many grassroots activists who cared enough about the future of their country to knock on doors, send email, make phone calls, use social media and help get out the vote for Dave Brat.

MEMORANDUM: Eric Cantor is an Imposter

Eric Cantor is an imposter and he is counting on the big bucks from his big business cronies to fool voters in Virginia's 7th district. 

Cantor and Obama Policy on Illegal Aliens Causing A Lawlessness Crisis

Right now there is no better proof that incentives work than the flood of juvenile illegal aliens flooding our southern border – all in response to the incentive offered by Virginia Republican Congressman Eric Cantor, President Obama and other supporters of amnesty for these youthful violators of American sovereignty.