Defeat Jihad Summit

Must See Video: Secure Freedom Launches Counter Jihad Campaign

Our friends at Secure Freedom announce the launch of the new CounterJihad campaign with an ad calling for free people everywhere to speak their minds about the encroachment of Islamic law, known as shariah. Click HERE to watch their must see video.

CHQ Exclusive: Bridenstine Says Obama AUMF “tying his own hands for political purposes”

In exclusive comments to CHQ principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Jim Bridenstine says that the President, by requesting a constrained Authorization for Use of Military Force, "is once again tying his own hands for political purposes rather than leading.”

The Ted Cruz Speech On Radical Islam The MSM Will Never Show You

We urge you to set aside a half hour to watch this video of Ted Cruz speaking at the Center for Security Policy’s “Defeat Jihad Summit” it just may be the most important 30 minutes you spend outside of your house of worship this week. To watch the speech click the link at the end of the article - not the image below. Click this link to sign our thank you letter to Ted Cruz for speaking the truth about radical Islam.