Defund Obamacare Continuing Resolution

Ted Cruz Sets Up A Necessary Constitutional Confrontation

Republicans must stand firm against any CR with Obamacare funding in it. If they don’t, then what is established is the principle that the federal government is entitled to whatever money is necessary to keep programs Congress created in the past going, whether the people want them or not, and a perpetual government entitlement to funding would signal the end of constitutional government in America.

Boehner Finally Standing w/ Us?

Right Scoop Staff

Mike Lee and Ted Cruz are happy that Boehner has decided to stand with the people and defund Obamacare. Neither were willing to criticize him and said we need to stand with Boehner now.

Graves’ Bill to Defund Obamacare Gathering Steam

We like Rep. Tom Graves’ approach, but the real fight won’t be the vote on Graves’ H.J. Res 62 – that will likely pass with no problem if it is brought to the floor by the House Republican leadership. Our concern is what happens when the establishment Republicans and Democrats in the Senate vote it down, as they surely will.

Obamacare: The Boehner–Pelosi Axis of Evil

The only way to pass a bill to fund the government, that includes funding Obamacare beyond the end of the fiscal year ending on September 30, is to get the votes through an unholy alliance of establishment Republicans and Democrats.