Democrat Party

Keeping Virginia Purple: Who Lost VA?

Betsy Woodruff, National Review Online

After the wrenching losses this year, Republicans are looking for unity in the Old Dominion.

After D's Go Nuclear, GOP Fights Back

Stephen Dinan, Washington Times

Dems may have changed the rules on filibusters, but far from ending the intense battle over Obama’s nominations, the move has pushed Repubs. to fight harder — and to pioneer other tactics.

Sharpton Meeting Leads to Revolt Against Machine Politics

Tom Blumer,

A recent town hall meeting hosted by Al Sharpton to address gun violence exploded into a revolt against “Chicago Machine” politics, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and the aldermen in City Hall, with panel and audience members calling to vote out their elected officials. A preacher even called for “Tea Party” style meetings.

Ed Schultz Stiffs His Employees, Dodges Taxes

Charles C. Johnson, Daily Caller

MSNBC host Ed Schultz didn’t pay for his workers’ health insurance despite advocating for single-payer health care. Schultz supports higher taxes on the rich but structures his companies to avoid them and got in trouble over delinquent taxes for one of his companies.

Gay Repubs. Blast Stereotyping in OCare Ad

Dave Urbanski, The Blaze

Log Cabin Republicans, an advocacy group for gay conservatives and allies, is ripping a new Obamacare video ad by Out2Enroll (an Obamacare LGBT outreach group) that it says employs homosexual stereotypes to persuade gay men to enroll.

Obama Administration Goes Down the Drain

Ross Kaminsky, American Spectator

While the media like to focus on Tea Party froth and Republican infighting, the key to the 2014 and 2016 elections is the effect of the Obama flush on his key supporters’ desire to vote for Democrats, or to vote at all.

Baucus' China Appointment Will Help D's

Peter Schroeder, Bernie Becker and Kevin Bogardus, The Hill

By leaving the Senate early, it allows Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) to fill the seat ahead of a difficult election fight in the conservative-leaning state. A former Dem. aide said that Montana’s current lieutenant governor, John Walsh (D), is expected to be appointed to Baucus's seat once the confirmation process is complete.

Top 10 Broken Obamacare Promises

Alyene Senger, Heritage Blog

Since the passage of Obamacare in '10, many of Obama’s famous promises have been broken. He ironically threatened in '09, “If you misrepresent what’s in this plan, we will call you out.” So here are 10 promises of Obamacare that have already been broken.

Dem's War on Judicial Independence

Niels Lesniewski, Roll Call

Judiciary Chair Patrick Leahy (D) may change how his committee handles nominations after R's created a procedural blockade in response to Reid's nuclear option move. Sen. Grassley noted, “Nominations are going to be given added scrutiny."

Re-Branding the Republican Party

John Fonte, National Review Online

It is time to reexamine the relationship between big business and the American center-right. Can the GOP be re-branded from the party of big business to the party of the little guy? 

Political Correctness: The D's New McCarthyism

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

The DNC’s latest effort to suppress the free speech of conservative outlets based on trumped-up or falsified claims of bigotry (basically their only tactic) focuses on the Daily Caller and Rush Limbaugh who defended the constitutional right for men to be able to look at attractive women in public places.

The Democrats Fear and Loathe Fox News

Unlike establishment Republicans who continue to do interviews with activist liberal Democrats, like ABC's George Stephanopoulos, Democrats are way too smart to hand-over the power to set the national conversation on their issues to the conservative journalists of FOX News.

GOP-E Aided D's in Attacking Conservatives

Streiff, Red State

If you want to know who is funding these moderate Republicans this year the answer is in. It is the Dems. In fact, The Republican Main Street Partnership is backed by labor unions.

Republican List of Shame On Ryan Spending Deal

As we said yesterday, conservatives will look at the Roll Call on the spending deal and start recruiting candidates to file challenges to every Republican House member who supported it. Here's the list, and with the exception of Texas, filing is still open, so start talking to potential challengers today.

How Obama Lied to His Own Supporters

Christopher Bedford, Daily Caller

Obama was too busy shaking hands with dicators and posing for selfies to, as he promised, go out and sell the "benefits" of Obamacare. He never wanted to sell it as planned.

Unions Funding GOP Super PAC Targeting TeaParty

Michael Patrick Leahy, Breitbart

Documents filed by other groups show that two labor organizations, the Int'l Union of Operating Engineers and the Laborers' Int'l Union of N. America, directed $400,000 to the Repub. group, the Defending Main Street super PAC in Sept.

Paul's Plan for Detroit, Liberally-Ruined Cities

Oliver Darcy, The Blaze

Sen. Rand Paul will travel to Detroit Friday to open the Michigan Republican Party’s inner-city outreach office and unveil his plan to “help Detroit bail themselves out.” He thinks the opening of the African American Engagement Office will help the GOP make headway in one of America’s firmest Dem. strongholds.

Fast Food Strikes & The Wage Hike Debate

Kevin Spak, Newser

Fast food prices will rise 20-50% if the minimum wage is raised to the $15 per hour level the Democrats want...and jobs will disappear.

Farm Bill's Food Stamps Secures Votes for Dems

Ray Hartwell, American Spectator

The ongoing expansion of dependency on federal entitlements like SNAP (food stamps) not only makes its victims more likely to vote for politicians promising them more handouts, but also keeps them from looking for work and thereby counting as “unemployed” for purposes of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly employment reports.

OCare Backlash Coming for Dems

John Nolte, Breitbart

Recent polling shows that an election wave of anti-ObamaCare sentiment is growing, and it's not only likely to hand the GOP control of the Senate, but might wipe out as many as 12 Dem. seats--many of which looked safe 2 months ago.