Democrat lies

Dem McAuliffe Deal Moves Money, Jobs Around

Kenric Ward,

Dem. Gov. Terry McAuliffe boasts that his admin. has closed a record 228 econ.-development deals since he took office. Instead of creating new jobs, his new agreement will merely shift workers between 2 VA counties while pitting 1 state-subsidized company against another.

There is No "Fix" for Obamacare

John Hayward, Human Events

ObamaCare was built on four big lies, all of them are coming apart, and no amount of rhetorical glue can put them back together. 

DNC Chair Caught Lying on Iran Sanctions

Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon

DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) told the FL press she's for sanctions, but told the DC press she's for Obama.

Dems Hiding REAL Obamacare Numbers

WND Staff

'They've circled the wagons. They don't want there to be signs of weakness.'

Obama’s ‘5%’ Con Job

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review Online

Here's more evidence that Obama's Obamacare promise is a 100% lie, according to the White House’s own figures. 

Dems, Not R's, Want a Gov Shutdown

Dana Loesch, Red State

Dems are willing to risk a gov shutdown to fund an unworkable law that's killing the middle class for campaign optics.